Gnome Tossing: No Reward for You


I offer every Norrathian a word of caution; you will not receive a prize for tossing this gnome off of a cliff. There will be no cookies, so please don’t even think to try.

I know that with the recent events in Paineel you may feel inclined to take someone of small stature, like a Gnome, and lead them off a cliff in hopes that they too will give you a prize. Please I ask of you think of repercussions of your action before randomly toss an unbeknownst gnome. I personally may be “map challenged” but not every Gnome is; you do have to come out of hiding sometime.

You may be saying, “What if the Gnome volunteers?” Well that is a completely different situation. In the case of the Paineel events, this Gnome did volunteer his aid to the experiment, most eagerly. But please don’t assume that all gnomes are willing to volunteer for your crazy, extreme, foolish, and amusement filled experiments. We are smarter than you first believe. Most Gnomes, yes, do accept that sometimes we may incur some certain injury in order to make that next big discovery. We also accept that death may be imminent just the same we enjoy a little danger and excitement from time to time.

Personally, I have much experience with being led off cliffs. For the past few months I have been following a few people who kept “forgetting” that I, being a gnome, do not have the ability to land upon my feet. Mind you, they felt terrible upon the certain death I had but you have realize that not everyone can land upon their feet like the Fae, or Teir’dal. It is not a fun experience having to bandage my wounds while being summoned back to the party. Not to mention the cost to repair my items and the debt incurred, it makes for a very sad Gnome.

You may find it amusing to see our arms flail about as we fall to our death; we do feel pain and bruise fairly easily. Just remember that even though you may feel that urge to test the theory of how far a Gnome can fly with little assistance other than a push; please ask us before testing your theory. You may be surprised that they will be willing to take the leap for your enjoyment, especially if there is something in it for them other than pain and a repair bill. Until then we will not offer you a hat, cookies or even gold for the inconvenience you place upon us.

Author: Jethal