EQ2 Marketing Could Be Better!


* covers Jethals eyes* no hun you can’t read this one till after 3/10 ok?

I have been searching for “something” to get Jethal for his up coming birthday. My first thought was to check out the station store https://store.station.sony.com/ to see what they might have to offer.

I looked under clothing and the offerings disappointed me. The Antonia Bayle and Lucan D�Lere t-shirt was out of stock and even if it was in stock, they did not carry it in his size. There is a neat Snuggie which would make me happy if gifted, but I know I would never get him to wear it because it says “FreeRealms” across the front. ( rolls eyes)  Why is there not a EQ2 Snuggie? Don’t SOE think that EQ2 players don’t get cold?

Other than those they did have a couple of books, a baseball cap,  journals, stuff animals  and very little else to offer as far as EQ2 stuff, and the Art link is devoid of any offerings at all.

What happen to the ideas which abounded at fan faire about being able to buy in game art to hang on your real world walls? Why is there not more t-shirts or mugs or other things?  Why isn’t there more items for sale?

If it was World of Warcraft that we played, I could find a ton of marketed items for sale, from T-shirts, caps, mugs, posters, art, even 3d created figures of in game characters. ( yes for a price there are places which will take screen captures of your in game toon and create a 3d figure for you to place in your home and proudly show off you ubar in game self)

How can Blizzard do this and yet SOE seems either not interested or unable to? What is the hold up here?

I think there is a whole marketing team to handle this part,  but after looking at the station store it seems that there is not much a team in this area, maybe more like 1 or 2 people to handle all of the SOE games.

I would think that the sales that SOE had at Fan Faire from their table there should prove that players of the games like real world items they can use, wear and show off.  If I remember right, they sold out of many items.

Maybe it boils down to doing the sales taxes to other states where players live when they buy an Item from the station store. Maybe it is space to hold such items, and the cost of shipping. I don’t honestly know and could go on guessing for days and most likely never hit on the right reason.
Man power + cost of items+ shipping + storage, maybe does not = enough profit to make it worthwhile.

That might be the key here “profit” from such items compared to SC items which are intangible items with very little overhead.

*break to day dream* If I ran marketing I would find coffee cups, posters, key fobs, rings ( like this one http://bit.ly/9QSMT4 except replace the stone with the EQ2 logo), more T-shirts with in game art or sayings from game ( example :if I don’t have what you want, you don’t need it), Real Game art to hang on your walls ( like mentioned at fan faire), thumb drives, drinking glasses. Make them quality yet price right for selling, tack on extra for shipping if need be to make a better profit. * end of day dream cloud*

*Deep sigh* I will have to look else where for my purchases, when I would have rather spend it at the station store on some EQ2 items. So back to square 1 trying to figure out something neat to get Jethal as a gift for his birthday.  The search goes on….

Author: Elquinjena