An interview with Hitus Sharpclaw


Tonight, I took a break and talked with a very curious Kerra from the Sundered Frontier, named Hitus Sharpclaw, he seemed alittle tentative at first, but after some food and milk, he calmed and gave us this interview.

Jethal: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Hitus
Hitus: Yus Welcomes, Elffy

Jethal:  How are your fellow Kerra’s dealing with all the new visitors?
Hitus: Dems goods, some brings the nom noms, some jus want the shineys

Jethal: And I understand you’ve been asking people for.. um.. “nom noms”, is that right?
Hitus: I can haz Cheezburger?

Jethal: Well, I don’t have one one me right now.. but maybe later.. So, I hear that you’re quite taken with Queen Martah, eh? how’s that working out?
Hitus: She not wants mah Cheezburger

Jethal: I’m sorry, buddy. Well, like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea, right?
Hitus: Fishies? Oh yes, fishies are Nom. I can haz fishies?

Jethal: I, uh, no I’m sorry, I don’t have any fish on me
Hitus: {looks sad} You not has any Nom

Jethal: {rummages through packs} well.. I do have some Cookies..
Hitus: {perks up} I haz cookie?

Jethal: Sure! Here you are! {hands over a cookie}
Hitus: {munches on cookie} Mmmmm, this is Nom!
Hitus: I can haz Milk?

Jethal: {sighs} I don’t suppose you have any near by?
Hitus: …

Jethal:  …
Hitus:  Cows haz milk

Jethal:  Oh for crying out loud!

And so ends our interview with Hitus Sharpclaw.  Lazy lazy Kerra…  I’m off to milk some cows..  For more information on Hitus and his quests, check out this article at

All of Hitus’ Quests are in reference to‘s LOLcats

Author: Jethal