To Hug or Slay


My question I pose to you is do you hug a tree or slay it? I am all for being of the tree hugging persuasion, considering being around Feir’dal’s and all, but since when do these trees start to “hug” back? I have seen many trees in my lifetime and really I have never completely understood why these trees try to show us affection. Or is it really affection? Maybe instead they feel disdain for our very existence and want to show us how they feel.

There are many trees in Norrath but which of them do you trust? The trees in Kelethin holding up the city seem nice enough I mean they don’t move. But there are some rogues out there in the Greater Faydark. How about the ones in Nektulos forest? They can really give you a what for if you are still a bit on the little side. The ones in Eye of Daratin, oh my run in with them, they hurt like a tinkered explosion of massive proportion, only this time it was definitely lights out.

I bring up this point as I have noticed that with my recent run in with them they have been a bit more aggressive, or is that loving. It could be that I am not of the season for them or maybe they just like to pick on someone physically smaller than they are. Either way, I love trees just like the last gnome, but when they tried to “hug”… it hurt… a lot. I don’t just mean a little bruise on your shoulder, sliver in your finger, or the “I’m not dead yet” type of hurt. No, it is the deep tissue bruising, dislocating your shoulder, knocking you on your behind kind of hurt. Have you ever been beat up by a tree many times over until you are knocked unconscious not once but multiple times over just because you were determined to prove your point? Yeah that was me. It makes me wonder what we did to make them mad or are they just excited to see us.

Whatever the reason the question still remains, do we hug the tree and cause it no harm or do you tell them to pick on someone their own size? I suppose it all depends on where in Norrath you are. But if that tree decides that it wants to come after me with branches open wide for either a “hug” or to show me how they really feel I am going to stand there with my staff at hand ready to strike. Not because I don’t trust that the tree really wants to show me affection but yet instead I fear that it wants to pick on someone smaller than they.

Be careful out there Norrathians, you just don’t know what those crazy trees will do to you. I suppose if the tree is standing there feel free to come give it a hug to show your appreciation for what they provide to you.  Until then if that tree comes right at me I plan on proving the point, you can’t just pick on someone smaller than you just because you can. We may be small but boy do we pack quite a punch.

Author: Jethal