New Halas seems rather familiar..


EQ2Players.COM reports on the Lore of “New Halas”

In a nutshell, New Halas will re-introduce the Coldain city of Thurgadin (Velious) to the Shattered Lands.

When he (Mithaniel Marr) set his eyes upon Norrath in search of a suitable place to establish this new city of light he found a landmass made of ice and velium floating within the Frostfang Sea, inhabited by blue-hued dwarves.  He watched them as they struggled valiantly against an army of orcs living upon the surrounding islands of ice.  He appreciated their dauntless stands and their warrior skills.  The isle’s environment was a perfect fit in which to establish the new city!

As we reported on our podcast this week, SOE should be releasing New Halas as a starting zone in the next big patch, including Housing.. but no word on Guild Halls as of yet.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and our ears to the winds!

Source:  EQ2Players.COM

Author: Jethal