Bristlebane Day


Bristlebane day; the day filled with tricks, pranks and flying pies. Some love this holiday while others have a great disdain for it. Me? I enjoy the fun and tricks; so long as they are not aimed at me.  How could you go wrong with a little mischief and mayhem? This year started out by receiving a post announcing the festivities and to beware of the flying pies. It also said in this post that there was a very special event to complete on the 1st to look forward to. After reading it and with Bristlebane Day in full swing in Norrath I decided to brave the outdoors and take matters in my own hands finding mischief of my own to get into.

While wandering through Greater Faydark I noticed this funny looking bush and curious as Gnomes are I decided to harvest from it. It couldn’t hurt right? What is the worst that could happen? Within this bush I had found Halfling stilts, High Elf funny bones, Erudite toupees and … … Ogre tutus. Seriously… Tutus on an Ogre, that is not a vision or sight I wanted to see. Some how we are able to make things from these items, at least that is what Denmum says. Don’t get me wrong I believe her, I really do,  but how do you get a pie from a coin anyways??

Along my travels through the Faydark harvesting more of these bushes, I saw the avatar of Bristlebane, he was HUGE!!! There is nothing that tells you that it is Bristlebane day without seeing the avatar. He didn’t have a quest for me this year but his quest was the same as last year from what my friends had said. Although, I don’t remember what that task was. What I do remember was that I got a nifty hat/pot out of the deal and this time there was an option for a deck of cards. 

After spending a few moments to say Hi to the Avatar, I went to the Gigglegibber in the Enchanted Lands. He had another task for me, it was the same as last year, kill 10 rats. After going back and forth from Enchanted lands to the Commonlands in search of the “right” rats 3 times, which I found out that he didn’t really care what the size of the rat really,silly Goblin. Once the task was fulfilled he finally gave me a few choices one of which was a nifty bottle. I am not sure what that bottle does but someday I will have the guts to find out.

April 1st’s task was interesting, a sphinx sat in the middle of the enchanted lands. Okay maybe not in the middle of but he was sitting under a tree just off the dock. The curiosity getting the better of me I decided to ask him why he was here. Instead he gave me a riddle, I am terrible with riddles. After he told me the riddle I had guessed… and gasp I got it right.  He finally told me why he was here, needed a scholar. Well I am not a scholar but I am smart so I offer my services, he then asked yet another riddle. This time having to with the kitchen and eating, cut with out being eaten.

After searching and thinking what it could be, a plate or saucer?  I thought back to learning a card game with a friend and we were at the table and it looked like we were cutting the deck and you can’t eat them unless you are umm really, really hungry.  Not knowing where to find the cards would be in Darklight Woods I asked around to find out there was a fare in town, they had to have a deck of cards. I would only imagine it would get boring traveling around. After finding the cards and asking permission to take them (which I had to sweet talk them out of him) I headed back to show my answer.

He then gave me yet another riddle, again food related. Now I know a lot of foods but what would he eat in Antonica that isn’t fish, feather, bone or flesh? Well off to Antonica I ran. Well there is a lot of foods that he could have well for lack of a better term nommed. I mean Jum Jum, berries, even cocoa.  First to find the beach, you know there are a lot of beaches in antonica, A LOT!!! After combing the beaches of Antonica I finally found it, an egg?? On a beach?!? Really?!? Well I guess that has to be it. Well back once again to the Sphinx.

I get back and hand him his lunch, an egg. Then he says I have one more riddle for you. Have I mentioned how I hate riddles? With a passion I hate them… but because he was nice I will do ONE MORE riddle. That is it.. ONE. He tells me about streets and no pavement, forests without trees. This one was harder because it wasn’t in my area of expertise. But after lots of thought and asking a ranger or two. I finally found the answer a map. After trudging through the forest to find said map I come back hopefully being done with these stupid riddles. Upon finding my way back once again to the Enchanted lands I offered the map to him and his response, I proved myself as an adventurer and a scholar. What did  he give me? A twenty sided stone, maybe next time he will give me something I can actually use in my home like a cookie sheet or two.

To everyone have a safe and happy Bristlebane day, and watch out for those flying pies.

Author: Jethal