Casting call for new video production


I am looking for cast members for our next video, the song I am using is I Love Hunting Gnolls.  Need 10 people who can be gnolls. Need to be able to FD or have hair of dog.

  • Need 2-3 shaman and 2-3 druids
  • Dancers 5-6 who have the new dance moves, and willing to work on some dance moves
  • Everyone needs to be higher than blackburrow area, will be using mentor downs as needed.
  • Need to be able to use in game chat

Shooting times will be after 7pm pst and run for an hour or two each night during the weekdays and up to most of the day on weekends, starting at 10pm pst.  Shooting will start as soon as I have enough people lined up.  I am hoping to start shooting this month, maybe starting May 22nd.  If you fit what I need and are willing to be a part of this please write to me at

Author: Elquinjena