Change: a love/hate word



what a simple word, yet so powerful.

I understand that “change” happens; I am reminded of it each day. It can come in the form of a song which is sung about the praises or downfalls about “change”. It can be as simple as changing your clothes or a light bulb, or it can be as vast as changing life styles and where you live in the world.

Then there are changes which occur in the games we play. Content changes, quest changes, avatar and world changes, all of which can bring new and exciting things for us to experience, but it also means
 the losing of things and ways we once knew.

We have had many changes in Everquest 2 from the time of launch, and we have more coming with the lost of the starting islands, but I think the deepest changes happen when it occurs in the personnel that help create this game world we enjoy so much.

I know when I hear about changes in the staff at EQ2, from the Producer (and I truly believe that position is cursed) to CS, CR, Dev’s, and Lore Masters, I get this small feeling of dread, despair and lost.

I believe that the reason I feel this way dates back from my old days of D&D, the original Roll Playing game.

You had your GM, who created a world for you to play in and explore. You also placed a great amount of trust in this GM to supply you with fun, enjoyment, a compelling story line during your stay in their creation. Anyone who has ever done pen and paper games will agree with me, the GM either makes or breaks the game, no one wants to play with a boring GM.

Maybe some gamers of today’s age do not care who made what mob do that funny emote just before they ripped your head off. Nor do they notice the beauty of a zone or the architecture to outdoor expanses. They just come in and play the game till it no longer interests them, then they move on.

Then there are the few who are passionate about the game they play. Visit any game forum to meet these people. They are the ones who will cry out when changes are made, either for the good or bad because it changes how they have come to enjoy the game they play.

They are the ones who notice what a mobs says just before it hits the dirt; they get the little jokes embedded in quest text. They stop and marvel at the design of a zone, use of textures, and placement of items.

 We are also the same people who go to game conventions, not only to meet the people they play with but to meet and thank those who have helped create and maintain the game.  We offer praise and thanks to those who create the world we play in, and also express complaints too. 

It is the same way that we would interact with a Pen and paper GM.

The entire staff who keep EQ2 going, is the new equivalent of a D&D GM, except it is the coming together of many minds to offer us a greater adventure than ever before.  They keep the game going, keep things interesting, supply the fun for us, give us new places to explore and enjoy.

Sometimes we are lucky to find out who had a hand in creating what for us, which is a double edge sword of knowledge. We can see different mob encounters, zones, art work or quests and begin to learn whose work is where, and become fan’s of that person or group’s work, or the other side, were people dislike content offered only because of who did have a hand in it.

When changes in the staff occur, and those feeling I mentioned earlier creep in, it is because we are worried what will happen next. Despair and lost, from losing a familiar person and their creative style from the world we have come to know. Then worry and fear rush in about what will become of the world we have come to know. Fear of what it might become and if we will still enjoy it.

It is like being deep in the middle of a campaign, the group is about to take on some big nasty, the tension around the table is high because the main tank need to make a saving throw, when all of a sudden, the GM stands up. They leave all the gaming books, plans and dice, they say “good-bye” and walk off. Sometimes the GM just disappears, then when the group looks up; there is a new unknown GM in place.

Like I said, change is often times a good thing, but when there continues to be change at EQ2, one cannot help but wonder what these new changes will bring us.  In the face of such changes, we turn and look back with fond thoughts, of those who have left the table and wonder where they might have gone.  

On the “Jethal Silverwing Show”, we have talked about how TV shows have “Jumped the Shark” and when it occurs, which seems to be when there is a lot of character changes. 

So please EQ2, if you see any Sharks, do not try and jump them, ok? Just stay away from them, and don’t open the door if someone knocks and says “Candy Gram”. Land sharks are just as nasty.

For now I will be watching and waiting  to see what is in store next, and hope it is just as fun and exciting as before, with a change of course.

Author: Elquinjena