Watch out for Guides in game, They have SPARKEYS!


Everybody loves them!!

Now the wonderful guides have them to pass out.  I was able to catch one and shake them down for a few, and let me tell you those gnome ones are quick!

First there seems to be  6 collections, which are part of a category called Hold of Prexus.

Series 01
Series One
Series Two
Series Two
Series Three
Series Four
Series Five

The awards for each of these Doodads, is a piece of cloth armor which has a leather look to it.
You have your choice of either purple/dark blue or pink.

Yes I said PINK.

Here is what piece you will get for each turn in:

Guide Doodad Series 01 (Hood)
Guide Doodads Series One (Boots)
Guide Doodads Series Two (Leggings)
Guide Doodads Series Three (Gloves)
Guide Doodads Series Four (Shoulders)
Guide Doodads Series Five (Chest)

Personally I went for the purple/blue because even though I am a girl, I am just not into pink.
Here is what the dark blue one looks like front and back:

Result in Blue
Blue Front
Result in Pink
Pink Back

Now, if you want to see what these items look like on YOUR character.. copy these item links, paste them in game and view in the dressing room.

  • aITEM 1855977654 -810175762:Gauntlets of the Hold/a
  • aITEM 376948852 -1411023178:Gloves of the Hold/a
  • aITEM -825601615 2004668951:Legguards of the Hold/a
  • aITEM 2126677917 -1589906778:Leggings of the Hold/a
  • aITEM -1018561342 137729446:Shoulderpads of the Hold/a
  • aITEM 1136424045 -1448655777:Shoulders of the Hold/a
  • aITEM 153363409 -1664410748:Coif of the Hold/a
  • aITEM 554948704 1586417348:Hood of the Hold/a
  • aITEM 1059687093 -733353350:Cuirass of the Hold/a
  • aITEM -384523825 624551879:Chestguard of the Hold/a
  • aITEM -1432
    341220 -124213996:Boots of the Hold/a
Author: Elquinjena