Legends 5 Bedroom Home, Life Time Ownership


Those who were lucky enough to get the loot card “Legends 5 Bedroom Home” from the Ethernauts card set were excited to own a 5 room magical house which cost no coin or status.

These magical houses have two locations, one in the South Qeynos Mage Tower and the other can be found at the bottom part of the Academy of Arcane Science building in North Freeport.


Many who own this house feel left out when ever there are new housing to be bought. Many having to create a new alt in order to experience any new housing.

Since these magical houses were so very hard to get, few are willing to pack up and move for fear of losing them.

Well Fear No More!!

I have the Official SOE word that, once you own a magical house you will always be able to own one. These houses fall into a “Permission Right”, just like the Maj Dul houses were once you gain enough faction to buy one, you can move back in if you move to another house later on. You have earned the right to own a magical house any time you choose to move in.

This does not mean that you get a free house else where, the only free house you can lay clam to is a magical house. You will have to go and purchase any new place you move to.

So pack up and move magical house owners, go and experience new house joys!! Then when you grow weary of those walls around you, fee free to move back to a magical house, it will be waiting there for your return!

Author: Elquinjena