New Beginnings: New Halas


New beginnings, what does that mean to me? Well it is a time in your life where you can respect what had happened in the past as that is what makes you who you are today. But not allow yourself to not to focus on the bad instead focus on what is good. I decided after the many years as a Qeynosian that it was time for a change for the better. Now that Erollsi had touched my life once again I decided that it is no other better place to go than to New Halas.

Months of planning, packing, saving, and sorting through the years of memories and junk that lay around the house, I took my possessions and traveled to the new land. Before leaving Qeynos I had talked with the ambassador at the harbor and asked for the paperwork for my change of citizenship. I was thinking that it would be a lot of work for them to trust me and that I would not have been easily accepted. They had been lost and were being bombarded with new people when the first ship was planned to go.

After the long travel with a lot of others and my love Nikatell, we finally arrived upon the docks. The first thing I realized was it was cold,very, very cold. Just like how I remembered Halas was, cold and I was quickly surprised that the Coldain were there. After I adjusted taking in the new sights of home at the dock, and holding fast to my fire mount, and my love. We decided it was time to explore the city proper, and find a new home.

Following the constructed path up to the city proper all we could see was snow. and who would have thought spiders would survive in snow and ice, at least you can say some things never change. At the end of the road that opens to the main city I saw what we had come here for, Erollisi, she was in all of her blessed glory. I have not seen anything so beautiful in the years that I have been here upon Norrath. Immediately drawn to her, I nearly ran to her statue not caring that there were others watching I bowed my head in a prayer, thanking her for the gifts she had given us. Anyone that says that Erollisi is dead is wrong, she may not be physically  here upon Norrath but as long as there are lovers, family and friends you will always have Erollisi’s blessings.

After my respects were paid we went in search to familiarize myself with our new home town, where the trainers are, and where the crafting area is. The little things that you need in your life that it would be just easier to know where they are, and it is an excuse to get lost in your new home city. After getting los familiarizing my self with my city we found the ambassador who took our papers and warmly welcomed me to New Halas. I was in shock, I didn’t think that he would welcome us just like that. No questions as to why we are here, no kill 20 rats or in this case spiders. Just welcome to New Halas.

Thanking him with the warmth of my heart, what little warmth I could muster in this freezing cold, I had asked which way to the housing. He gave me directions pointing to another tunnel, I trusted him as I had no other directions to follow, I went in search of housing. Each sight  I passed was more and more breath taking. Spending a moment to take it all in. Thinking over and over that this is our new home, our new beginning.

Asking a few people here and there as to where we were supposed to be, together we found the housing district. We  looked at all of the options, the 1 bedroom, the 3 bedroom and even the 5 bedroom place. We toured each house and just couldn’t get enough of how the wood looked, the stone, the picture frame windows. We were touring the 5 room place and turned to the large picture frame window that looked over the water to see the one thing I love almost more than him and Erollisi, a Sunset. It took my breath away the beauty of it, I was sold.  After consulting with him we couldn’t justify anything smaller than the 5 bedroom place, so we bought it, only after the fact that we noticed that the address was “Manors of Erollisi”.

The long trip here and choosing the house now coming to a close for the night,  I am just grateful to be starting on the new beginning with someone I truly care about. The decorating will commence just as soon as we start a fire and get warm. To all the Norrathians who now call New Halas home, may your days be blessed with beautiful sights and the nights be kept warm with loved ones by the fire.

Author: Jethal