4th of July Safety

Big Bada Boom
Misfired Pillar of Flame

Celebrating the 4th of July can be fun, exciting, entertaining.. but also very dangerous.  Please keep safety in mind, this weekend, when partying or celebrating the birth of the U.S. by blowing up a piece of it.

Gnomish Fireworks, of course, are proven safe and fun.  But, be weary of imitation pyrotechnics which may nuke your party from within.

Be sure that Wizard is sober, before asking him to put in a show for your guests – nothing brings a party to a halt, like a misfired Pillar of Flame – sure it’s great for those well-done steaks, but not so great for fluffy the wonder cat.

Beware of a new trend this year.. Dwarfish Fire Kegs!  That’s right, some genius decided to allow the Dwarves to develope their own festival fireworks, basically consisting of a keg filled with Lamp Oil and mining explosives, and a wick that’s far too short for any measure of safety.

So have fun, adventure and really wild times out there.. but let’s all come back home safe and live another day… to go fight dragons and orcs..

Author: Jethal