Heatwave: Safety Tips


With heat waves rising across the lands, we at kithicor.org wanted to know what the common person was doing to help against the scorching sun.  Here’s what a few of you gave as tips…

From Rivervale:  Stay indoors and make sure to drink plenty of water.  Stay low to the ground and see if you can find a nice shady spot, like under a  hedge or something.

From Kaladim:  Underground is the place to be.. yes, nice and cool there and lots of ale for keeping your thirst down.. what? ale was water in it too ya know!

From Kelethin:  Try to find a nice tree to rest under, preferably with a good sized water source nearby with a lot of wings flapping around for the breeze.

From Qeynos:  A nice relaxing day at the beach is just the thing! But, make sure to by careful in the sun, you don’t want to get burned.

From Lavastorm:  eh? wat you takin bout?  I tink it’s cooler den yesderday!

From Neriak:  Stop Bothering me with your childish questions!  The heat will surely make tempers flair and turn brother against brother!  haha.. hahaha. HAHAHAHA!!

From Freeport, we interviewed a few Ogres and Trolls who to had this to say:  Ice Kream!!  ya.. Marinate.. errr.. soak da halflings in da Ice Kream for few hours! (we heard tummy rumbles and left after that)

From Maj’dul, we were suddenly surrounded by beggers, who said:  There is no escape from the eye of Ro!!  We are cursed!!  Woe is he to falls to the Eye of Ro!! – and so and and so forth

We had to stop interviews there, because some one in Maj’dul stole our traveling expenses and ran off with our camels.

Be safe!  Stay cool!  Drink plenty of Water!  (it’s free out of your tap, use it!)

Author: Jethal