Missed the Guild Meeting?


Were you not sure where to go? Did you miss or not get that cookie that was in your mailbox that said when the Legion was meeting? How about what did we talk about? Like who was promoted in our ranks or even what is our plan for future event.  Well you are in luck, I took notes!! Good ones at that!

Well if you want to know what you missed come on over to the forums I left my notes for you all to read. (or copy if your really want to, though there is not a test, YET.) If for some crazy non-gnomish inflicted reason you can’t actually see this post, please let Jethal know so we can get you elevated immediately.

Also, please keep checking the forums for more interesting news and ideas as we start to build our guild activities, like RP events and Guild adventure days. Until next time, the cookies will be at the bar… somewhere.

Author: Jethal