The Missing Gnome… Captive Caught


It was a fairly ordinary night.  People were milling about, crafting, hunting, questing.. then something was felt in the air.. Santinea felt it first, and fell in a heap.  Then the sister forests of Kithicor sounded the alarm.. the one who betrayed Kithicor is found.  Quickly, Uurson, Rysina and Jethal sprung into action.  Spreading out and taking oposite routes, Uurson was the first to catch a glimpse of Shadowmantic in Nektulos.  Then she disappeared.  Just then, the dark forests called to Jethal again, and he sprinted off quickly toward the DarkLight Wood, which borders Neriak.

Jethal tracked her down quickly, summoning up roots from the ground to hold her in place, she was caught.  Screaming for the Demon to let her go, the roots held tight until Uurson and Rysina arrived.  Uurson used his old magics and subdued the girl in a deep sleep, and she was taken by to the Legion’s Forest where Jethal constructed a cell. With Uurson’s help, she is now being interrogated.

What shadows have coerced her mind?  Who was the real target.. and what will it take to find the truth?  We shall see.

Author: Jethal