Nights of the Dead Devotee

Devotee Reward

This morning I woke from my slumber to the sound of the mail delivery.  I opened the small parcel to reveal a message.. more to the point.. a challenge!  I was to find six Mysterious Objects hidden around Norrath.  So without further delay.. I was off like a shot.

  • Scouring my home city of Qeynos, I approached Irontoe’s East.  There, in a small make-shift graveyard, was a Basket of Apples, just in sight of Scholar Demini.
  • Next my journey led me to the old house on the far end of North Qeynos.  There, a shifty looking Goblin sold me a ticket to enter the Haunted House, but I suspected there was more inside than he was letting on, and I was right..
    • I entered the Haunted House and was immediately taken by strange noises, and the dilapidated condition of the once proud manor.  In the corner, I spotted a ghost from long past.  The Butler, and next to him.. the remains of his former shell.
    • Examining the corpse, I found a torn scrap of parchment.  I thought, perhaps, more of this note could be found, and I searched the desk, to find a note from the Butler’s wife, asking him to complete the tasks of tidying up the house, perhaps if I completed the tasks he could not.. I could ease this restless soul.
    • Next, it was time to explore the manor.  I broke lose the boards at the doorway and entered, what appeared to be, a Dining Room.  There, at the head of the table was the ghost of Lord Halcovian, and his battered and broken remains.  Seeing a quill his the grips of his corpse, I searched for a note.  It seemed the Lord had wished to do some pretty sweet things on this last day.  Perhaps I could make them happen and free his tormented soul.
      1. I carefully went down into the basement, just as the note said, Lady Halcovian was there.. or at least her spirit was.. with a band of Ghoulish Dancers who instructed me in their baneful ballet.
      2. Nearby the haunting dance room, I found a note, scribbled in a child’s hand.  The contents of the note haunt me.  The children were starving.. a plate was there, tracks of a large rat led away to the upstairs.  Perhaps there is still time to save the young ones.  I followed the track to a secret panel on the second floor, above the front door.. and there in a tattered nest, was a demon rat. After a feirce battle, I searched the nest to find the remains of.. someone.. and within his pockets, was a brass key.. I hurried downstairs to the locked room, near the rotting plate of food.  Alas… I was too late.  I was greeted by the ghosts of the Halcovian children.  One of them, reminded me to take a coin from the desk.
      3. The Coin taken from the desk in the children’s room, was aparently, to pay the bartender.  My heart heavy from the fate of the children, I took the coin and scaled the stairs, back to the dining room.. and placed the coin in the “tip cup” on the bar.
    • The Lord thanked me for freeing the souls of his family and he, himself, fell to rest.  But, I could tell that not all was well in the manor.. something drew me to the attic.  something evil, something powerful.  Making my way through a mass of strong spiderwebs, I did battle with a monsterous Spider at the second floor landing and continued on to the peril above.  There I found an old book, at the far end of a graveyard shrouded in mist.  As I picked up the book and read it’s contents, the ground trembled and erupted with the undead.  I used the power of the Warding Stone before me and drove them back, vanquishing the horde and I felt a peace fall over the house.  My task here was almost completed…
  • Retracing my steps within the haunted manor.  I found an Odd Assortment of Bones in the basement.  Shaking off the dust, I was back on my adventure.
  • I searched Qeynos for any more odd items and found nothing, so I expanded my search to the fields and hills of Antonica..  Out by the McQuibble’s Farm, I came upon a batch of Sticky Spider Eggs, which I found quite odd and certainly mysterious.. adding them to my collection, I ventured on!
  • Thinking that my challenge would take me far across the lands, I began to race all over Norrath, finding myself in the desert and entering Mad’jul.  Within the Golden Septre, I found a plate of Nights of the Dead Frosted Cookies, certainly odd to find in Mad’jul, so I picked them up and was on my way!
  • My next stop was the infamous Hedge Maze.  Many souls have lost their head here, but I was more than up for the task, and after defeating the harpy, Raven.. I found a Dizok Skull, I didn’t remember seeing that in my previous encounters in the maze.. I so placed it in my packs and I was on to the most difficult stop yet.
  • The last step in my quest brought me to the unspeakable horrors of the Haunted House of Somborn Village in the Loping Plains.  After facing the vampiric infestation, I searched the manor, and found a Plate of Rats in the basement.
  • Now, admitedly, I was lost.. what to do now with my packs filled with these odd items from around the globe?  My travels brought me to Netulos Forest where I heard an Ogre named Terrah Sinew on the docks, she was looking for strange items and was very happy with my collection.  As a reward, she presented me with a very strange looking candy dish..
Author: Jethal