Jethal’s “Kithicor UI” update


Screenshot of the Kithicor UI

EQ2maps File Copy

The Kithicor UI for EverQuest2 has been updated.

  • All windows updated for GU58
  • New (optional) Map Window for the EQ2Maps Project
    • Located in a sub-directory named “EQ2Map_KithicorWindow”
    • Unzip the Kithicor-UI, Update EQ2Maps, then Copy the file from the sub-folder into the “kithicor2” directory
    • This window fixes the kithicor leaf frame to the EQ2Maps window, both full sized and mini.
  • Removed obsolete buttons from the top bar
  • Added the EQ2 button to the top-bar
    • You don’t have to use the default “Experience” bar if you don’t like it.
    • All Experience bars are located on the kithicor top-bar as well as the EQ2 button.
      • Open window-options for the experience bar
        • Normal Opacity = 0
        • Mouse-Over Opacity = 0
        • Lock Window
        • Click-Through Enabled
      • Hit OK and your XP bar is gone.  BUT.. keep it somewhere on the screen, that’s where your EQ2 Menu comes from.
      • If you need to bring the XP bar back.. hit F10 and you’ll see where it is, set window options to default, then hit F10 2x to return to normal

Author: Jethal