The Were-Beetle Danger

The Were Beetle

Shock and alarm.  Those are two of the countless responses, we at expressed upon hearing the horrible news, from our sources in Sony Online Entertainment HQ in San Diego, CA.  We can not reveal our source, to protect their well being and job security.

Domino “Our Source” reported on Facebook today that someone in the Art department, is in fact.. a Were-Beetle.  Changing forms in the midst of a Full Moon, to reveal himself as a bright orange beetle-thing who then stalks the sewers beneith Freeport in search of victems.

What this Were-Beetle wants is uncertain, but you can be sure it’s up to no good.

With no “official” word from the Freeport Militia, we are reporting over a million deaths, so far to this hideous, unrelenting monster.. and we’ll stick to that number until the Militia start some dialogue and give us the facts.

The Were Beetle was first discovered in the sewers of Freeport over one hundred years ago by a team of exploring Gnomes.  No one survived.  (Then, how do we know this? shut up.) The Were Beetle is the result of a Fire Beetle coming in contact with the glowing remains of the shattering of broken moon of Luclin.  That effected beetle then bit it’s victem hard.. and painfully.. taking off an arm, I would think.. yeah.. then when the moon rose on the next zenith.. a startling metamorphosis occurred!  Transforming Bix Billby into the Incredible Were Beetle!! (cue dramatic music)

Stray not into the dank darkness of the Sewers of Freeport!  Beware the Were Beetle!!

Author: Jethal