GU60 Notes


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“The Children of War”

The Fortress of Drunder has emptied of Rallos Zek and his armies as they pass into the Plane of War to prepare for their eventual march on the Western Wastes. The Demi-Gods, Tallon and Vallon Zek, are subjugated within its towers, ignorant of Rallos’ grand scheme. Only Sullon Zek, the Maiden of Rage, is aware of what is to transpire. Trapped within her own tower, she has taken great risks to seek out worthy and daring heroes and guide them into the walls of Drunder.

Now it is up to you to grapple the Minions of Zek and battle your way through events that will gain you amazing allies and set into motion a war that will end all wars!

Delve into Drunder’s:

  • Three new Heroic Dungeons – Spire of Rage – Strategist’s Stronghold – Tower of Tactics
  • Three new x4 Raids – Sullon’s Spire – Tallon’s Stronghold – Vallon’s Tower [Normal and Challenge]
  • One new x2 Raid – Citadel of V’uul


  • A new Heroic zone aimed to be at easy to moderate difficulty.
  • Ry’gorr Orcs within Eastern Wastes have unearthed a passage leading to the once thought lost Crystal Caverns. Unfortunately the caverns have grown unstable and are at threat of fully collapsing at any moment! As if that weren’t bad enough, Queen Drachnia has found her way up to the upper tunnels and blames the coldain for the collapsing tunnels. Help the coldain rescue their brethren trapped within the caves before you become a permanent fixture among the growing crystals!


Infamy Updates

  • Infamy will now be on a limited ranking system.
  • At the end of each season, the rankings will reset and a new season of hunting will begin with everyone.
  • There will be chat messages with the amount of infamy/fame gained or lost whenever it is gained or lost.
  • There is no multiplier for difference in rank when killing another player for infamy. Killing a hunter gives the same amount no matter what the killer’s rank is.
  • Exiles do not gain fame or infamy. They do not cause loss when killing others, nor do they take a share of rewards when assisting others.

PvP Interface Updates

  • Fame/Infamy bar:
    • On a PvP server you can now select the “Show Fame” or “Show Infamy” option on your xp bar to watch your progress up (or down) the fame/infamy charts. You can see how close you are to getting a rank, or losing one and watch it go up and down as it progresses!

PvP Reward Updates

  • There is no more “honorable” or “dishonorable” kills. You no longer need to wait until your victim is done fighting his monster, or wait for them to heal up before attacking them for credit. On the same note, watch your back when adventuring in open zones.
  • You will get no credit for killing, or assisting in killing players who con grey or red to you. Nor will you lose infamy if you are only attacked by red and/or grey conning aggressors. Stick to targets in your level range for best results.
  • You will get no credit for killing trial account players, nor will trial account players cause infamy loss if it is only trial account players who are the aggressors.
  • Only untitled players will get added to the recent list, so you can kill a titled player over and over, until he loses his title then only once per 30 minutes.
  • The rewards for a player kill will be shared evenly among all players who assisted in the kill and all members of all groups those players belong to. NOTE: This could reduce the individual share to 0 and will do so quickly when killing untitled targets. Infamy is awarded based on the rank of the victim, so aim for the highest titled targets you can find for best results.
  • If a player dies, and is in PvP combat, the player will lose infamy, even if the victim dies from falling damage or from an NPC.
  • Note: Large raids killing a single target will get each person 0 infamy since the split is too small with that many killers. And thus, 1v1 fights will yield the largest amount of infamy.
  • Status is awarded like before but split amongst everyone participating.
  • Faction rewards are unchanged.
  • Players still drop between 40% and 70% of the coin on hand and have a 20% chance of dropping a treasured item (if they have one).

PvP Mechanics Updates

  • Passive taunts and detaunts will no longer work in PVP Combat.
  • PVP Potency:
  • This stat will increase your amount of damage, healing, runes etc while engaged in PVP combat.
  • Normal Potency will no longer provide a bonus while engaged in PVP combat.
  • PVP Crit Bonus:
  • This applies instead of normal crit bonus when using hostile abilities or attacks on other players or beneficial abilities while in PVP combat.
  • PVP Multi Attack:
  • This is your chance to get multiple autoattacks on a player, or player pet and does not work on NPCs. Additionally, normal multi attack will no longer work on players or player pets and only on NPCs.
  • PVP Spell Multi Attack:
  • This is your chance to have an attack spell hit a player, or player pet multiple times and does not affect spells cast on NPCs. Additionally, normal spell multi attack will no longer work on players or player pets and only on NPCs.

PvP Mentoring

  • Mentored players can once again fight back if attacked in PVP.
  • AE Auto attack will not hit mentored players or players grouped with mentored players unless you attack them directly.
  • Any enemy player who is mentoring, or grouped with a mentor will show the dragons on his name above his head like a raid monster would. Players using detailed arrows will see a triple up arrow instead of the dragons above player names.  Let it serve as a warning because fighting a mentoring player is a difficult fight.

PvP Language

  • You can now select what language your character is speaking on a PVP server and a Battleground server.
  • You can speak common on a PVP server.
  • On a pvp server you can use /shout and /say to communicate with the other team… assuming you are speaking a language they understand.
  • You can now use /say and /shout on a battleground server.

Battlegrounds Updates

  • A new battleground has been added, “The Frozen Tundra”.  It includes a new match type called “Vanquish”.
  • There is now a battleground lobby (Champion’s Respite)!
    • In the lobby you can chat, group and/or raid up with other battleground players across all servers and can queue together for battlegrounds.
    • In the lobby you can use the vendors to purchase new battleground gear between matches.
    • When you would like to return to your home server, click the portal object in the middle of the zone or press the exit button in the upper right while you are in the lobby!
    • When you complete a match you will be returned to the lobby, to make for shorter zoning times between matches.
    • A portal to the Champion’s Respite can now be found near the Scions of Discord.
  • Potency, Critical Bonus, Multi Attack, Spell Multi Attack and Critical Mitigation will no longer have an effect in Battlegrounds. In all cases in Battlegrounds the PVP versions of these stats will be used.
  • You can now queue for more than one battleground game type at a time.
  • NPCs and PCs on the opposing team in a battleground will have the red outline around their names.
  • Fixed a bug where the timer would always display 00:00 in a battleground match while it was running.
  • You can use guildchat while on a Battlegrounds server.

New Battlegrounds and PvP Armor / Adornments

  • Rewards for this new campaign are in the form of Armor and Adornments.
  • Adornments now include class focus effects and require a blue slot to equip.
  • New armor allows for double blue slots and requires “Velious Discord” faction to acquire.

Battlegrounds / PvP Merchants
Battleground merchants have been summoned away from their previous locations but can be found within the Champion’s Respite.  The portals to enter the Champion’s Respite are located in Freeport North, Qeynos Harbor, Halas, Gorowyn, Kelethin and Neriak.  The Scions of Discord remain in the world to grant your daily challenges.   Open PvP Merchants have moved as well to be near the portals within the starting cities.


The Ratonga have mysteriously begun appearing within the city of Qeynos.  This event has been noticed by citizens of Qeynos, and rumors have begun in Freeport.  Some of the citizens have begun to speak of the incident.
A new tome has appeared in the inventories of the Sages.  Interested readers should seek them out within both Freeport and Qeynos.


  • Fixed an issue with treasure chests so that the current group looting method will be used each time you attempt to loot the chest.
  • Fixed a bug causing items to not correctly sort by price in the broker vendor list.
  • Fixed a bug where /logwhoraid would fail to write the file if the zone name contained a colon.
  • All world containers (forges, looms, workbenches, etc.) should have appropriate associated icons now.


  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Houses in Halas to not correctly server transfer.
  • Players locked out of their homes in Stonestair Byway should once again be able to access them.


  • Raid tagging icons are now displayed in both the Target and Implied Target windows.
  • Your group is now notified whenever you change the tag icon or number on another character.
  • Repeatable quests will no longer be removed from your completed journal if the timer runs out on them.
  • The Character Window should no longer default to Options for new characters.
  • Added Flurry to the Melee stats section of the Character Window.
  • Fixed a few resizing issues with the “Visit Inn Room” window.
  • Some changes were made to the window arranging mode when you F10:
    • Window backgrounds will now display at 80% opacity.
    • Icons on hotkey windows will be visible but locked to allow you to drag the window by clicking anywhere.
    • You can hold the SHIFT key to enable the dragging of icons on the hotbar.


  • Heroic NPCs will no longer give experience, quest credit or loot when attacked by a raid of 7 or more players.
  • NPCs should no longer dance around players when engaged in melee.
  • The raid debuff spells for Velious can be purchased from the Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos forest once the initial granting quest has been completed in case players lose their debuffs during betrayal.
  • Velious: When an instance is marked as a hot zone there should be a much increased chance of getting fabled from the instance.


  • The Butcherblock griffin tamers should use the proper racial voice for their greetings.


  • The grime crawlers in Chardok should drop grime crawler roe after they are a trivial encounter.

Darklight Woods

  • Merchant Iymstra in Darklight Woods will once again sell basic combat arts and spells.

The Djinn Master Prism

  • The instruments used during the Djinn Master encounter can now be moved at any time during the fight. They start out being able to be moved by right clicking them and once placed in a valid location you can right click to get the move option.

Enchanted Brownie Grotto

  • The faun elder in the Enchanted Brownie Grotto will now reward you for as many barrels of root beer as you care to brew up, you are no longer limited to just one per month.

Estate of Unrest

  • Players who have outleveled the Estate can now complete the zone without having to mentor.
  • It is no longer required to loot the bones from the shards of Garanel to activate the suit of armor in the final boss room. It is still required to kill them.


  • Fixed an issue where the Permafrost door could become unclickable or disappear.

The False Sepulchre

  • Evacuating within the zone now correctly returns the player to the entrance of the dungeon.

Fanged Sea

  • The waves of skeletons and valkyries in the Fanged Sea instance should spawn only once.

Great Divide

  • A new flight master has arrived in the Great Divide to ferry wayward travelers to the mysterious Dragon Ring.


  • You can now fly in Rivervale.

Tombs of Night

  • Requirements to enter the Tombs of Night instances have been removed.

Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid)

  • Improved performance of all repeatable quests required for entrance into Tserrina’s chamber.
  • Mirror quests should no longer require players to travel to a different floor from where they acquired the quest to complete.
  • Players should now be able to update the “Tower of Frozen Shadow” quest even if they have already started the mirror quest associated with the update.
  • All mirror bosses should now drop two pieces of the appearance gear when killed.
  • Cara Omica should no longer continue to banish players after she has been killed.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors

  • Spectral Librarian Emiida should now drop a primal velium shard when killed.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls

  • Sergeant Schriber should now drop a primal velium shard when killed.
  • The choir should correctly reset if Dizzina the Lulled’s encounter is not defeated.
  • Cara Omica should no longer continue to summon players after she has been killed.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl’Tor

  • Tserrina Syl’Tor should now drop two primal velium shards when killed.
  • If you unlock the chapel door in the Tower of Frozen Shadow and then leave the zone, it should still be unlocked when you return.

Hold of Rime: The Ascent

  • Players should be able to open and close the fortress doors after the shard of Veeshan’s claw has been returned to its rightful place.


  • Provocateur Bas Darkfrost, of the Thurgadin Defense Force, is paying well for capable agents who have proven themselves to the City of Thurgadin.

Emerald Halls

  • Emerald Halls bosses no longer use AoE charms, making it more friendly to small groups.
  • All random bosses will now spawn within Emerald Halls every time.

Iceshard Keep

  • Rough Citrine and Rough Jaundice Gems should drop much more frequently.



  • Excessive Bleeding now reduces health by 2% per bleeding ability regardless of the target’s strength.


  • Lost Adrenaline no longer prevents Berserk and no longer cause interrupts.
  • Adrenal Flow can now be modified by potency.
  • Rampaging Blow now has a higher chance to hit, cannot be parried, dodged, blocked or riposted.
  • Bloodlust now also increases agility.
  • Destructive Rage now grants Multi-Attack Chance instead of DPS. The value has been slightly reduced.
  • Open Wounds now also triggers additional damage to targets within 5 meters of the berserker every few seconds.
  • Enhance: Destructive Rage now increases the raid-wide Multi-Attack by 1% per rank, rather than 4% of the base value per rank.


  • Tag Team should be more reliable with the hate swap.
  • Mantis Star no longer reduces stamina and now reduces max health by 0.3% at rank one to 3.3% at rank 10.


  • Will to Survive now reduces health by 3% regardless of the target’s strength.
  • Debilitating Strikes no longer reduces stamina and now reduces max health by 0.5% at rank 1 and 2.5% at rank 5.


  • Ally Revivication now affects Immaculate Revival.


  • Enhance: Medusa Gaze now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Medusa Gaze per rank.
  • Enhance: Ego Shock now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Ego Shock per rank.
  • Enhance: Shockwave now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Shock Wave per rank.


  • Soulclaim now persists through death.


  • Enhance: Heal Servant now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Heal Servant per rank.
  • Enhance: Crystal Blast now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Crystal Blast per rank.
  • Enhance: Ice Storm now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Ice Storm per rank.
  • Enhance: Earthquake now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Earthquake per rank.
  • Enhance: Shattered Earth now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Shattered Earth per rank.
  • Enhance: Petrify now also grants 3% Crit Bonus to Petrify per rank.



  • Curseweaving now increases durations by 10%.
  • Enhance: Emergency Warding now also grants 5% Crit Bonus to Eidolic Ward and Purulence per rank.
  • Enhance: Ancestral Avenger now also grants 5% Crit Bonus to Ancestral Avenger per rank.
  • Enhance: Defile now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Defiler per rank.
  • Enhance: Terror Chant now grants a hate position reduction at rank 5.
  • Abomination no longer reduces stamina and now reduces max health by 0.5% at Apprentice and 1% at Master. With Spirituality, the maximum health reduction is 1.2%.


  • Cacophony of Blades no longer interrupts.


  • Enchanted Vigor no longer has a persistent power cost for the Enchanter.
  • Blink now teleports the caster once again.


  • Maddening Swarm now casts faster.
  • Enhance: Death Swarm now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Death Swarm per rank.
  • Enhance: Tempest now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Tempest per rank.
  • Enhance: Starnova now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Starnova per rank.
  • Enhance: Call of Storms now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Call of Storms per rank.
  • Enhance: Feral Tenacity now also grants 5% Crit Bonus to Feral Tenacity per rank.
  • Enhance: Brambles now grants a hate position reduction at rank 5.


  • Spellscrolls named Shout IIians Call is now correctly Call to Arms.


  • Focus: Destructive Rampage now increases the damage amount granted to 12.5%, rather than improving duration.
  • Enhance: Prismatic Chaos now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Prismatic Shock per rank.
  • Enhance: Ultraviolet Beam now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Ultraviolet Beam per rank.


  • Enhance: Emergency Reactives now also grants 5% Crit Bonus to Radiance and Evidence of Faith per rank.
  • Enhance: Redemption now also grants 5% Crit Bonus to Redemption per rank.
  • Enhance: Disorientation now grants a hate position reduction at rank 5.


  • Deteriorate reduces Agility instead of Stamina.
  • Deterioration now modifies the Agility and Strength reductions of Deteriorate.
  • Echoes of the Ancients no longer reduces stamina and now reduces max health of the target encounter by 1.3% at Apprentice and 2.4% at Master. With Spirituality and Ancient Demise, Echoes of the Ancients reduces max health by 3.7%.
  • Ancient Demise now modifies the maximum health reduction of Echoes of the Ancients.


  • Lifeburn no longer has an immunity timer.
  • Enhance: Pandemic now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Pandemic per rank.
  • Mortality Mark no longer reduces stamina and now reduces max health by 0.9% at Apprentice and 1.6% at Master.
  • Enhance: Mortality Mark now modifies the health reduction instead of the stamina reduction. At rank 5 and Master, Mortality Mark reduces the target’s max health by 2.2%.


  • Casting Expertise now also grants Spell Multi-Attack.


  • Change of Engagement now reduces health by 4% regardless of the target’s strength.


  • Blasphemy now interrupts the target encounter.
  • Enhance: Siphon Strength will no longer reduce stamina and now reduces max health by 0.3% at rank 1 and 1.3% at rank 5.


  • Spiritfire now persists through death.
  • Spirituality now improves the effects of max health impairments by 3% per rank.


  • Mystical Overflow now persists through death.


  • Pets have new spell visuals.


  • Swashbuckler “Reach” should once again increase melee range.


  • Enhance: Divine Smite now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Divine Smite per rank.
  • Enhance: Divine Strike now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Divine Strike per rank.
  • Enhance: Warring Deities now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Warring Deities per rank.
  • Enhance: Blaze of Faith now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Blaze of Faith per rank.
  • Enhance: Smite Corruption now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Smite Corruption per rank.
  • Enhance: Harmony now grants a hate position reduction at rank 5.


  • Willow Wisp now interrupts targets surrounding the Warden.
  • Enhance: Death Interventions now also grants 2.5% Crit Bonus to Nature’s Renewal and Tunare’s Watch per rank.
  • Enhance: Willow Wisp now grants a hate position reduction at rank 5.


  • Focused Casting now grants Spell Double Attack instead of Casting and Recovery Speeds. The reuse has been increased to 5 minutes.
  • Enhance: Acid now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Acid per rank.
  • Enhance: Encase now also grants 3% Crit Bonus to Encase per rank.
  • Enhance: Distortion now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Distortion per rank.
  • Enhance: Dark Pyre now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Dark Pyre per rank.


  • Death’s Door now displays as detrimental.
  • Time Warp no longer affects Acceleration Strike.
  • Executioner’s Fury should activate more reliably when the warrior is below 50% health.


  • Manaburn no longer has an immunity timer.
  • Mana burn will now give an error message and not cast when attempting to cast it on an NPC who is immune to mana burn.
  • Enhance: Ball of Fire now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Ball of Fire per rank.
  • Enhance: Solar Flar now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Solar Flare per rank.
  • Enhance: Magma Chamber now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Magma Chamber per rank.
  • Enhance: Immolation now also grants 2% Crit Bonus to Immolation per rank.
  • Enhance: Ice Comet now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Ice Comet per rank.
  • Enhance: Glacial Wind now also grants 1% Crit Bonus to Glacial Wind per rank.
  • Enhance: Cease now also grants 5% Crit Bonus to Cease per rank.


Tradeskill Progression Updates

  • Since the introduction of quest experience being the major method of leveling tradeskills and moving away from pristine combines, a gap was left around level 17.  It was found that tradeskill quests propelled you on your way with plenty to do, but when you got to around level 17 a gap of no directed content was found.  To counter this, level 15 tradeskill writs have been implemented for craftsmen, outfitters, and scholars.  This will give you something to work on until you hit level 20 and continue on the quest progression, and also lets you start earning status for your guild a little sooner.

Tradeskill Harvesting Updates

  • While looking at harvesting it was found that it was taking too long at lower levels which made it an undesirable activity to take part in.  The base harvesting time has been reduced to 3 seconds.  To make this work, the harvesting time reduction of harvesting tools needed to be lowered.  These tools are available at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 70.  Their harvest time reductions have been lowered to .1, .2, .3, .4, and .5 seconds respectively.  This means the time to harvest at 20 can be 2.9 seconds down to 2.5 seconds at 70+.  Compare this with the old time at 20 which would be 4.5 seconds and down to 2.5 seconds 70+.  Half Elf, Sarnak, Human, Dwarf, and Wood Elf traditions that granted harvesting time reductions have also been halved.
  • While harvesting, it was found that leveling up your adventure or tradeskill level was much faster than gaining skill ups for harvesting.  This would leave you in lower level tiers harvesting until you had enough skill to move into the next tier.  This is because the chance to gain a skill is based on a ratio of your skill against the skill of the harvest node.  This chance to gain skill has been increased by between 20 and 30% based on your ratio.

Tradeskill General

  • The Coldain Prayer Shawl will now give a message to the crafter when it triggers.
  • Tradeskill recipe books sold by the Hua Mein, Kerra Isle, and Quel’ule tradeskill faction merchants are now heirloom.
  • Level 70-79 tradeskill writs are now available every 2 levels, similar to the level 80+ writs.
  • Mira in Fina’s Retreat is seeking more assistance from crafters who have helped her before.
  • A new first time event has been created for the first time you harvest a harvest node.  You will be sent an in game mail from Lian Augren who will ask you to come visit her son on the Isle of Mara who is interested in harvesting.  The intent is to make sure that harvesters are aware of the Gathering Obsession questline from the beginning of their harvesting career rather than finding him later and having to do backtrack harvesting.
  • Harvest nodes in Nektulos now respawn faster.
  • Harvest nodes in Rivervale now spawn based on the geography where you would think they should logically appear.  There are also nodes in non-aggressive areas of the map so non-adventure tradeskillers have access to them.  The respawn time is much faster than previously.
  • The fishing speed reduction on the Collapsible Fishing Tool is now 1.5 seconds down from 2.5 seconds.  Since harvesting speed is 3 seconds and 1.5 seconds is the new cap it will function like it did previously where it reduced from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
  • Woodworker created harvesting tools are now a single tool at each tier, instead of 5 individual tools.  If you have one of those 5 tools it has been automatically converted into a “Harvest Kit” that affects every harvesting type.  The new Harvest Kit tools will be less that you have to carry around, and will stack with Tinker made harvesting tools.  These tools also now have a chance to double harvest.
  • Koros Splinterlimb on the Isle of Mara has gotten in some new stock!  He now sells recipes that were only previously found in The Emerald Halls.  He has also gotten in some new Return to Mara trinkets that allow players with tradeskill level 20 and higher to use it.  A similar change to recipe merchants is that the Sentinel’s Fate Hua Mein, Quel’ule, and Kerra merchant “Secrets of” recipes are now flagged heirloom.


  • Guild Hall Collector NPCs now default to being half elfs, rather than erudites, so they will not always be bald even when changed to another race.


  • Seething Hatred should no longer trigger twice on the same spell cast.
  • Focus: Berserk will now properly apply to the “Berserk” Alternate Advancement.
  • The Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl now displays a message in the chat window when the Blessing of Brell activates.
  • The Font of the Kromzek should no longer float slightly above ground level.
  • Scepter of the Tundra Scion has had its appearance corrected.
  • Scepter of the Destructus has had its appearance corrected.
  • Scepter of the Prime Destructus has had its appearance corrected.
  • Ry’Gorr Mortis’ Beatstick has had its appearance corrected.
  • The Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction (repair bot) now has a cast time of 5 seconds and a cast visual attached to it.
  • If an item contains equal amounts of +Crushing, Slashing, Piercing and Ranged skill modifiers, they will now be displayed as +Weapon Skills.
  • All armor dropped in Tower of Frozen Shadow has had a yellow adornment slot added.
  • Hex of Discord will now decrease the health of the target by 1.0%.
  • Scroll of Abolishment can now be purchased from Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos Forest if the quest “Casting a Long Shadow” has been completed.

Item Adornment Updates

  • Item tooltips and examine windows have been modified to represent adornments with icons, instead of text.
  • Item adornment icons have been updated to represent slot colors and adornment types.
  • Items may now have multiple adornment slots with the same color.
  • Adornments can be applied by clicking the slot inside the item examine window.
  • Adornment rewards have been added to over 100 quests on the Golden Path!



  • A new heritage quest has been added!  Interested players should speak with Grand Historian Elrid Wintershade in the library of  the Thurgadin Docks to begin their quest!
  • The first step of the quest War and Wardrobe now narrows down the zone where the high elf is located.
  • The Stone of Sorrow has been revealing more words!  Those that have completed the quest “Mourning Tree” should return to Bilvee Hummingwing in Eastern Wastes to be offered the new Heritage Quest “Tangled Roots of Growth”.

Embalmer’s Skinning Knife

  • The time allotted to complete the ‘Besought Baubles’ subquest is again 10 minutes.

Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring

  • It will no longer be possible to Chip at the Ice blocks for the Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring quest unless you have 6 or fewer players in your group / raid.


  • The prophecy is coming to pass, and another chapter has opened in the Fallen Swords signature quest line.  Players who have completed the Fallen Swords: Here, There Be Giants should speak with the Duality in Thurgadin once again.

Great Divide

  • The quest “Dimension Retention” should now show the correct locations for the updates on the minimap.


  • Completing ‘Feeling of the Fauna’ will no longer prevent the completion of ‘The Plague?’ and completing ‘The Plague?’ will no longer prevent the completion of ‘Feeling of the Fauna.’


  • Scroll of Abolishment can now be purchased from Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos Forest if the quest “Casting a Long Shadow” has been completed.

Greater Faydark

  • Learning Faerlie: Nimess in Kelethin has learned common tongue to prevent gating players from earning citizenship.

Orcish Wastes

  • For the quest “Operation Greenhood” The Glademaster should no longer gate players from progressing if they have already completed the quest “Into the Vallon Foundry”.

Enchanted Lands

  • Deputy Hopple should have quest icons over his head.
  • Deputy Hopple will no longer remove up to 6 apple muffins upon completion of the quest Fundraiser One: Apples Away.

Timorous Deep

  • Krymok Quel’Gok should have quest icons over his head.
  • Harruk Ti’Gok will no longer respawn for you if you slew him for the quest ‘Questionable Orders.’

Sundered Frontier

  • Reward offerings for the quest Through the Looking Glass should be more class-appropriate.
  • The quest “Joining Their Ranks” in Sundered Frontier should now offer rewards more appropriate for each class.

Forest Ruins

  • The default interaction for the object used in the Uncover the Caches quest should be “Sprinkle Nullification Powder” while the object is a bush, and “Destroy” while the object is a pile of cogs and gears.


  • It should no longer be possible to be gated on Zaddar Sullissia’s quests.


  • Added a waypoint ROI for the gather shrumbler hides step of Hides for Brianna.

Halls of Discipline

  • It should be possible to enter the Halls of Discipline if you are on stage 3 or 4 of the quest Elite Training.

Kunzar Jungle

  • Completing stage 3 of The Broken Hand will no longer gate Slice Your Way Up the Ladder.


  • The book-reading steps for the quest Collapse will now update in any zone, not just Rivervale.

Prison of Admiral Grimgadget

  • For the Save the Pirates quest in the Prison of Admiral Grimgadget instance, it should no longer be possible to kill Captain Jihannum and his lackeys until you’re on the third stage of the quest.  These NPCs won’t become combatable until you open the cell door, and it won’t be possible to open the cell door until you’re on the step to kill Jihannum.


  • Animator Z’Apha should now drop the item “Trinket: A Miniature Scepter.”


  • Tychus Zeksworn will now correctly inform the player that they need to gain levels if they are too low level to receive his next quest, instead of reopening the dialogue chain leading to the 1st quest again.
  • The waypoint region for the rock sample collection step of From the Field will now encompass only the Quarry, and not Felderham’s Folly.

Sinking Sands

  • Plumetor Dul’Sadma will now respond properly if you cannot receive her quests.

Pillars of Flame

  • It’s now possible to speak with the Ghost of Dukar normally instead of needing to target him and press ‘h’.

Smarmy Sprocket

  • The box punching puzzle in the Smarmy Sprocket instance now works again (for Getting the Smarmy Sprocket Underway!).

Freeport Citizenship

  • The Freeport Citizenship quest will no longer show “[DEVL] Invalid” on completion.

Timorous Deep

  • House item Book “Order Book: Blackshield Destroyer Saltspew” is no longer removed upon completion of the quest “Blackshield Orders”.

Darklight Wood

  • Completion of the quest “Collecting the Spirits” with Madam Victra no longer interferes with the quest “A More Aggressive Method”.

Hold of Rime: The Ascent

  • Returning the shard of Veeshan’s claw to its rightful place will now update the quest “The Prison That Kraytoc Built” for all players in the group who need the update regardless who actually returns the shard.
  • Interacting with the Veeshan Spike in Velk’s Ascent should update the quest ‘The Prison That Kraytoc Built’ for everyone in the group.

Miragul’s Phylactery: Scion of Ice

  • If the items for ‘Love Caught in Time’ are deleted, they can be retrieved again without having to drop the quest and restart it.

The Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid)

  • The quest “Casting a Long Shadow” should now update with General Coldhammer regardless if the zone has been cleared or not.

The Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls

  • The quest “Mirror, Mirror” should now be easier to repeat.
Author: Jethal