Gnoll populations continue to rise as more and more adventurers find themselves washed up on the shores of the Frostfang Sea.

Captain Penley

Captain Penley, of the Qeynos Guard, reports that since the resigning of new arrivals to New Halas, ending the Refugee Protection Act – which helped welcome and assimilate wayward adventurers and artisans into the city proper – countless numbers of Gnolls have been left unchecked and free to breed without the, much needed, population control that had been established through many generations of new peoples to the lands.

Unless something is done, and quickly – we fear that these numbers will grow beyond our ability to monitor, and will inevitably lead to an uprising of Blackburrow against Qeynos, The likes of which had not been seen in our life times.

When we attempted to contact Queen Antonia Bayle, we were given the following statement:

When those fuzzy little jerks raise their heads, they’ll find them (swiftly) separated from their shoulders.


Bucky, spokes-gnoll for Blackburrow, agreed to speak with us, but was quickly cut down by an unknown adventurer before any descent statement could be made (that ass).

Well, Noooo! Of Course we’re not gonna march again.. hey, who are you? what are you doing with that sword?! Wait! Nooo!! Hold on One Minu.. Here it comes again!!  Gahh!!  *thump* Blood! is that My Blood!  Oh Great Fippy, save me!!  *slash* Gahh!!  I’m not dead yet you snot nosed little.. *slash* Gahh!

We attempted to save Bucky from certain death to continue our interview, but the unknown assailant wasn’t accepting duels and the NPC agro lock-out prevented us from interfering.  Of course, we could have waited around for him to spawn again, but didn’t feel like it.  Now, what where we saying? oh yeah..

Unless more new adventurers can find their way to Qeynos and be persuaded to, once more, enter the gnoll-infested hills of Antonica and Blackburrow.. we can only speculate that one day, an army of Gnolls will come over the horizon, certainly to kill us all, our families, and even.. eat our pie.

Author: Jethal