Nathan Ironforge Taken for a Ride!

Pepper the Pig

Qeynos – It was reported that Nathan Ironforge, the not-so-lovable kid who hangs out in Qeynos Harbor, was given the ride of his life, today.

Known for being one of the most obnoxious, irritating, pains in the ass, that Norrath has to offer.  Young Nathan apparently annoyed the wrong person and was strapped to Pepper the Pig, who was then slapped on the Ham Hocks and sent squealing and tearing through the streets.

The duo knocked over three (3) merchant carts and ran down several pedestrians, resulting in minor bruising and a twisted ankle, before Pepper made a sudden turn, sending him straight off the pier and into the Harbor.

Both Pepper and Nathan were reported to be Soggy and upset after their unscheduled (much needed) bath, but unharmed.

Author: Jethal