Casting Call: Music Video


We are at it once again and seeking extras on the AB server for a new music video production.

We are seeking:

  • Freeport t3 broken out to common lands that we can use to film some shots in
  • 4-6 freeport and geynos guard look alike
  • Lucan look alike ( night of the dead mask and male human form, also same type outfit)
  • Griffin riders.
  • Cute Fay girls 4-6
  • Party people in party cloths no more than 8 for a party scene..
  • Need broken out south qeynos house for party scene
  • 4-8 people who can be troll pirates and get on boat instance to everfrost

Filming will most likely take place in evenings after 6pm PST and on weekend.  I will set a start date when all extra spots are filled and work with what times and dates people have free.  Drop me a pm if you can fill any of these rolls, and yes you can be in more than one part of the film.  Filming will be done on the AB server.

If you have any questions, Contact Elquinjena via PM or on the Antonia Bayle Server (in-game mail antonia_bayle.elquinjena)

Author: Elquinjena