Crushbone Orcs lose Suit


Kelethin – Clan Crushbone and their leader, Emperor Crush, may be looking for new residence after today’s decision of the High Court of Faydwer.

The remaining veterans of the War of the Fae were victorious in the ruling set down today, awarding them a grand total of 52,000,000 platinum peices in a unlawful death and “Crimes against nature” suit against the entirety of Crushbone.

Queen Amree of Kelethin declared that this is a great day for all fae kind, but the battle isn’t over, as representatives of the Orc stronghold have shown little, to no, interest in paying the awarded sum.  Our pleas for comment were greeted with drawn swords at the gates to the Keep, until a runner emerged with a note, stating

Yu Gets Shinys wen Shrooma fly!

Shrooma – a large, sentient fungus creature – has never shown any interest in taking flight, though Druids and Wizards of Kelethin are currently working on spells and cross-pollination techniques to try and make the Crushbone declaration work against them.

Author: Jethal