Day 4: This is the End


Here it is, last day of the SOE Fan Faire.. what a trip.

Attended a few panels, talked to alot of people – pulled a few slot machine handles.. But the highlight, of course, was the final event. Prizes where handed out, achievements marked, thanks given.. and then Brasse started talking about Rangers.. there’s my cue..  I rushed around to the other side of the room and waited for Linda to summon me to the stage.

I have to admit, I was very nervous.. I don’t perform on stage in front of 1000+ people every day.. or ever.. so I may have rambled a bit, and this camera angle wasn’t the best, but we had fun! (I understand there WAS footage from the other side of the room.. i’ll post that as soon as I get it)


All and all this was a great experience.. next time, I need better shoes, or a rental scooter!

Author: Jethal