Dangers In Steamfont


Steamfont Mountains – While many Norrathian Adventurers run about and enjoy the festivities of TinkerFest, there are those who take exception to the event coordinators. And those people are.. people with TETANUS!

All one needs to do is look at this image (to the right) to see that Gnomeland Security is decorated in dozens of sharp rusty cogs and gears.  One false move, trip or failed landing of our griffons, and the shear metal edges slice into flesh, some times even through chainmail.  Should you look closer at the image, you will see a Purple Sparkle next to it.. taunting the passerby to come closer.


Another disturbing feature of this – so called – festival, is the random placement of unsupervised Fireworks Generators – which our children can enjoy.. until they burst into a flower-patterned ball of death!!  Little to no care has been given as far as safety is concerned, and one might wonder how many serious injuries are currently going unreported, and who’s getting paid to keep quiet.

When approached for comment, Didyma (Tinkerfest Master of Celebrations) was clearly inebriated and would speak of nothing, other than how wonderful the festival is.

Other disturbing activities included Gambling on Clockwork Robots, which was clearly rigged, and recruiting innocent civilians to clean up Gnomeland Securitys mistakes – sending the unsuspecting to blow up defective robots.  Who are these “defective” robots? what did they know? and who did they tell??  We may never know the truth.

Author: Jethal