Fan Faire Recap 2011


Where you there at Fan Faire 2011? No?  well.. here’s what you missed!

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Items to note:

  • (0:28) Jethal rants about Dark Elf Girls
    • This was actually taped with a bunch of other folks doing a “How can we make EQ2 Better” segment, that unfortunately, got cut from the program due to lack of time.. glad they put it in the recap video!
  • (2:00) Zanadi gets down at the Pool Party
  • (2:06) Jethal does the doggy-paddle at the Pool Party
  • (2:10) Lera, who claims to not be a Frostfell Elf, at the Pool Party
  • (2:46) Rijacki in her Othmir Costume
Author: Jethal