The Devil’s Carnival


As the listeners of [[The Jethal Show]] know, Jethal and Elquin are excited to see “The Devil’s Carnival” – the new musical creation from the creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera (Netflix Official SiteTrailer).

Rather than a big global release, we’ll be privy to a coast to coast Road Tour, much the same as Repo!.

You Too can bare witness to the Devil’s Carnival. Is there a show near your home town? Check out the listings at EventBrite for availability. Elquin and Jethal have purchased their “Ringmaster” Tickets for the Seattle Show.. will you be there? Let us know and we’ll hook up!

  1. SINNERS – $20.00 (gets you a ticket to the show)
  2. CARNIES – $30.00 (ticket to the show, and a pre-signed poster)
  3. RINGMASTERS – $40.00 (VIP Experience: ticket to the show, pre-signed poster, and meet and greet)

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After the triumphant collaboration on 2008’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, a film hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as “the next Rocky Horror Picture Show”, director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich had no where to go but down. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HELL. These showbiz black sheep invite you to dive into the ashes with them on their newest musical movie experience, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL.

With their signature tastes for horror flicks and rock ‘n’ roll, Bousman and Zdunich have fired up an underworld unlike any other in this genre-bending, groundbreaking new film series. In THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, sinners are invited to a theme park where they endure the repetition of their transgressions. Lucifer and his colorful cast of singing carnies guide these lost souls through their wild, warped amusement park.

Episode one features twelve original songs, written by Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, performed by a star-studded assembly of actors and musicians, and directed by Bousman. Drawing comparisons from TALES FROM THE CRYPT and GLEE, who can’t help but fall for THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL?

Author: Jethal