April Events!


From Zam.com

The season of events comes to a head with a prank-filled celebration.

Antonica found itself bustling with activity early on April 1st as the Far Seas caravans arrived to celebrate the Qeynos City Festival. The local specialties merchant has stocked up on several new items that are sure to please any Qeynosian. Also featured this month is the Antonica Aether Race course, which awards a prefix title to those who can master their race times. The festival will continue to run until 11:59pm PDT on April 7th.

Bristlebane Day is still being celebrated, with the main parts of the event occurring in Enchanted Lands. A new snack snatcher race is available and the older quests have some new rewards to choose from. Crafters can enjoy a new recipe book as well as a red shiny collection that harkens back to memories of old. Bristlebane Day will run until 11:59pm PDT on April 9th.

During the first full weekend of April a “Spring Fever” double experience bonus is expected. We’ll have more details on that as they are released.

Game Update 63 is slated to launch on April 17th. This update will feature a new Velious overland zone, Withered Lands, and the old dragon city of Skyshrine, which has solo, heroic and raid instances. Crafters can enjoy some new quests and recipe books in this update. Keep an eye out for our features as GU63’s launch date approaches!

The phases of the moon will reveal the mysterious grottos again later in the month and their denizens will gladly offer you some tasks to perform. Moonlight Enchantments will run from 12:01am PDT on April 20th until 11:59pm PDT on April 21st. No new items are expected to be on the grotto merchants.

Author: Jethal