Let’s Get Social

FaceBook Comment System

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been – slowly but surely – adding social networking options to kithicor.org – Let’s face it, this is the way the world is trending nowadays.

Today, I permanently add the Facebook Commenting System, which I’ve been debating for a while now. But, after our own comment hosting system proved insecure, and “Disqus” proved unreliable, I have had enough and made the decision to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon.

One of the things that made me wait on this, was I was hoping that somehow, someone would make an “all in one” comment system that would cross-utilize Facebook / Twitter / Google+ in one go. But, nope, I cant realistically see that happening. With Facebook boasting 98% of my visitors, and my general dislike of Google+, I went with it. Besides, Google+ doesn’t have an integrated comment system that I could even try out.

The Comment System works just the same as if you were on Facebook, you can tag your friends, and it’ll post directly to your timeline. I encourage all our fans to “like” and Comment – tweet and “plus” and all that stuff!

Author: Jethal