Nights of the Dead Returns to Norrath [EverQuest II]


Scheduled to start on Thursday October 11, ghouls and goblins can be seen creeping around the city streets in Norrath as Nights of the Dead returns once again. Put on your favorite costume or illusion and join in the festivities!

Familiar faces from years past have returned with their seasonal quests and treats. There are six new quest rewards, new goodies on the Nights of the Dead Merchants as well as an updated version of last year’s Devotee challenge. Crafters will be pleased to hear that the new Celebrations of the Dead V scroll offers 22 new recipes! Players wanting to consolidate their candy into one type can use the candy exchange Gigglegibber, who can be found in all player cities.

The old Trick-or-Treat game has been retired this year, replaced by a Ghost Hunter Competition with Commonland and Antonica versions. Players can chase ghosts to win masks, appearance weapons and titles. Check out our video below!

Nights of the Dead will run until November 5th. For those of your with far too many alts, check out our Nights of the Dead Quest Tracker!

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Author: Jethal