Walmart Double Station Cash Deal [EverQuest]


Get Double Station Cash when you buy an SOE Pre-Paid Card at Walmart and redeem it October 12, 2012 through October 14, 2012! While we haven’t yet got confirmation, in the past this deal has also doubled the bonus 500 Station Cash that comes with the Walmart $15 Station Cash Card pictured below.

Free Realms players can add to the fun: buy a Free Realms $10 Station Cash card at Walmart, redeem it during the month of October, and get your own Walmart Shirt!

The fine print: Redeem between 12:01AM 10/12/12 through 11:59PM 10/14/12. Offer valid for SOE Pre-Paid Game Cards purchased at Walmart stores in the United States only.

Author: Jethal