Wild Accounts


What wild, incredible, account of bravery or manliness can you spread about Jethal? We want to know!

Reply here with your account of unbelievable acts!

For example :

Jethal once beat Lord Nagafen in Chess


Jethal once deflowered a maiden with a passing glance

The most outrageous (and funny) claim will win a random prize from our old SOE swag box!


Here are some of the posts from Facebook!

  • Jethal is still alive today because the gods don’t want to be on his bad side.
  • Jethal shoots his arrows before he knows where his target is. They still fly true.
  • The dragon Silverwing is named such because he wanted some of Jethal’s awesomeness.
  • Jethal can fire his arrows so quickly he can empty an infinite quiver.
  • When Jethal runs out of arrows in a fight, he makes more. In battle.
  • There’s a petition in every major Norrathian city to rename their scout guild to the Jethal Wannabes.
  • Jethal once came face-to-face with Cazic-Thule. Cazic ran away out of fear.
  • Jethal can shoot a deer with a flaming arrow and the meat will be cooked to his taste.
  • Jethal once won a staring contest with a gazer.
  • Lucan D’Lere has nightmares about Jethal Silverwing.
  • Jethal once went to a wedding, and left with the bride.
  • Jethal is banned from twelve cities for civil disruption. The real reason is they couldn’t make a law forbidding his awe-inspiring manliness, and the male population was tired of not having anyone to sleep with.
  • Rumor has it that Jethal once beat a gnoll to death with its own skull. This isn’t entirely true, as it’s actually a common occurrence.
  • Once while he was romantically involved, Jethal mixed up mythical “channels”, since then everyone knows of his unparalleled prowess outside of battlefield!
  • Myong Mistmoore pays Jethal not to make a parody song about him. Jethal did it anyway!
  • Jethal shot an arrow in the air, it came to earth, and he knew where!
  • Jethal once told Brasse how to polish her armor!
  • Jethal wears a mask to keep from having the ladies swarm him!
  • Queen Antonia Byle wants to make Jethal her King!
  • Brasse and Jethal once had a beard growing contest, which was stopped by a dozen maidens who didn’t wish his face scruffy and Dwarf-like
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