The Quiet Ones


Elquinjena and I saw “The Quiet Ones” this weekend – Here’s my take!  Spoilers Ho!!

A university professor and a team of students conduct an experiment on a young woman, uncovering terrifyingly dark, unexpected forces in the process.

First off, I’ll start by reminding all of you that I love a good ghost story. And, although this wasn’t the best story I’ve seen.. it ranks up there. It has good story and good writing, good actors and a descent mix of practical and cgi effects (you can’t just light people on fire, ya know).

I’m a fan of Hammer Films. The fact that Hammer made this movie was my primary reason for wanting to see it, and really, they didn’t disappoint. However, there were a few things that bothered me (no, really?.. yes).

  • I get the reasoning for loud banging in a haunting.. however.. the ending of the movie is a jump scare. I hate them. And, not because they scare me, because they don’t. Jump scares are an insult to the story, which should have been enough to make the general audience fearful. Honestly, this story didn’t need it. I’m not going to lay awake at night in fear of Evvie, but that is due to my immersion in horror – I simply don’t scare easily.
  • Now, I was going to say that “Cum on feel the noize” was out of place for a film set in 1975.. however, in doing a little research, I found that the song was originally done by “Slade” in 1973, before being covered by Quiet Riot in the 80’s. So.. never mind.

All and all, I enjoyed it and would recommend this movie to my friends.  However, be forewarned. This is a Hammer Film. Which means it’s British. Like British humor, it’s not for everyone. Less blood and gore and more cerebral. Which, again, makes for better story telling.

Frankly, I am very frustrated by the state of American films. The last few years have been nothing but crappy reboots and remakes – it’s nice to see an original story.

Author: Jethal