X-Men: Days of Future Past


This weekend, Elquin and I saw “X-Men: Days of Future Past” – there were ups and downs, and here’s my take (spoilers!)

This movie was fantastic! Wonderful! a Visual extravaganza! …Providing you completely ignore the original comic books.

One thing I’ve been vocal on, with the Xmen movies, is the fact that they completely destroy established story lines. And in this respect, this new movie keeps with the canon-wrecking tradition. Don’t get me wrong, this IS a good movie – as I stated, as long as you have no knowledge of the Marvel universe, as a whole. I really wish they’d just come up with an original story, rather than wrecking iconic ones.

  • Kitty Pryde: Of course, the biggest change is that Wolverine goes back in time, instead of Kitty Pryde. They kinda had to do this because X-Men movie depicted Kitty as being far too young to make the journey. She simply would not have been born, yet, in the time their going to. Instead, they bastardize her Phasing ability into the power to send people back in time, within their consciousnesses – of course, taking the role of Rachel Summers (daughter of Jean Gray, and Cyclops – who was supposed to send Kitty back in time) out of the picture – well, she didn’t exist in this movie reality anyways, because they killed off Jean and Scott in earlier movies.
  • Missing / Returning: It seems that they can’t even keep their own story lines straight as several mutants who DIED in earlier movies make appearances, and some that should have been there.. aren’t.
    • Professor X – Dead in the earlier movies.. Dead in the Comic.. SHOWS UP in DOFP – the one time they had the oportunity to follow the established canon, without messing up their own.. they just couldn’t do it!!
    • Nightcrawler – Alive in the Movies – Alive in the Comic – No where to be found in DOFP
    • Pyro, Blob, Destiny – All alive and in major roles in the Comic – Assumed alive in the Movies – Not even mentioned in DOFP
    • I could go on, but I’m starting to feel the Nerd Rage brewing.

There are so many other characters in the X-Men universe besides Wolverine. Do you guys actually know that? Hell, do you know that the Fantastic Four played roles in the DOFP Comic? Well, most of them were dead, but Franklin Richards (son of Reed and Susan) was there.

My last rant on this subject. Anna, Fucking, Paquin. Who the fuck did she sleep with to get billing over Peter Dinklage in the credits?? Peter was great as Trask, a major role in the film.. and Rogue was in the movie for 10 (fucking) seconds at the end of the film. And she made for a Horrible Rogue in all the Xmen movies.

There, I’m done.

Is this a good movie, worth seeing? Yes. Where they faithful to established Canon and Characters? Not in the least. But, standing on it’s own. It’s good.

OH, and stay after the credits for a sneak peak at the Next Story (that i’m sure they’ll wreck too)


Author: Jethal