Godzilla (2014)


By now, some of us are familiar with the term “Kaiju” – a Japanese term, translated as “Strange Creature”, or “Monster”. In 1954, movie goers were introduced to the first Kaiju – Godzilla. Many giant monsters have come and gone. Some of which have battled each other for supremacy. But, in the end. Godzilla is the King of the Monsters.

This weekend, Elquin and I saw the 2014 Godzilla big-budget movie. Here’s my take. (Spoilers!)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I believe the team did a great job. I’m not just gushing because I love Godzilla… Trust me, if I have an issue… I’ll be very vocal about it. With that being said…

  • There is a scene where Ford Brody (yeah… his name is Ford) is in a van. The van gets hit with a falling structure and is flipped. His father sees this and shouts his name.. Here’s the issue. In the scene prior, it’s established that Joe (played by Bryan Cranston) does not know where his son is. So… how does he now know that he’s in that van?
  • MUTO looks like a giant, mutated Box-Elder bug. I understand that they probably weren’t willing to pay for the license of a 2nd TOHO monster, but I think their design could have been better.
  • Giant Kaiju Combat!! …gets cut as soon as every battle begins. Really guys, I couldn’t have cared less about Ford’s wife and kid – cutting to see how they’re doing, instead of focusing on Giant Kaiju Combat! was a mistake.
  • Dr. Ichiro Serizawa seemed to only have one facial expression throughout the entire movie.
  • Train is coming through the fog… It’s on fire? wha? Why is it on fire?? Does Muto have a flame thrower now? Muto’s weapon (besides being giant…) is an EMP pulse…

Now for some awesome points!

  • There he is… Oh shit, that’s just his Tail?? (see the posted trailer)
  • Godzilla’s dorsal plates begin lighting up, and I’m like “Oh shit.. Here it comes!!” I think I may have said that out loud… Godzilla fans will squee in delight.
  • The kiss of death. Watch the movie… Then you’ll know.

This movie is worth seeing… I’ve seen it in both 2d and 3d and could recommend both styles – the 3d was subtle and did not distract from the rest of the visuals.

Elquin and I both stated, afterward.. We can’t remember the last time we were in a theater that erupted in applause. Go see it.



Author: Jethal