Iron Portcullis


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I’ve set my army of Ratonga thieves into SOE’s super-secret labs and they came back with a horde of Iron Portculli! (what the hell is that?) it’s an iron gate.. here, look at the video…

[youtube_sc url=”K_ltdDfmfkE”]

What do you have to do to get one? Simple. Respond in the comment section below, or contact Jethal via Email and tell me…

What Classic EverQuest Beast Would You Keep Out Of Your Castle with this Gate??

Unlike the other give aways.. I have very few of these gates.. so, hurry and get yours NOW!

*note: Remember, that this is an animated piece, and if you’re putting it in a wall.. the wall’s gotta be tall enough to support it as it moves, or you’ll have gate popping through your roof.

Author: Jethal