Come to SOE Live


Congratulations to DarkZephyr, for winning our caption contest with “Evac!! Evac!!”

Congratulations to DarkZephyr!

Winner was decided by Elquinjena who read a list of the entries without benefit of knowing who submitted them.


Elquin and I feel very lucky to be able to attend the 2014 SOE Live event in Las Vegas this year. We can’t wait to see our gaming buddies again.

But, as awesome as it is for us.. there’s something that would make it even more incredible.


That’s why we’re Giving Away a discount code, good for.. TWO (2) All Access Passes to SOE LIVE!!

That’s right! That’s Two (2) Premium registrations for SOE Live – Now, here’s the catch.. you must perform both registrations at the same time. That means.. couples, or friends. I’m sorry, I dont have 2 codes. It’s simply one code good for 2 entrants. Here’s how it works.

You will need to

  • Go to the SOE Live Registration site
  • Fill out the information for the primary registration
  • Use “General Attendee”
  • Use “Premium Access”
    • If you want the extras, such as the Dev Brunch, etc.. that’s up to you, but it’s not covered.
  • At the end, you’ll “Add another person” and go through the registration again for them.
  • When you’re finished with the 2nd entry, continue to check out.
  • Upon check out.. add the discount code that we’ll provide.
  • Total will drop to $0.00, plus any extras you signed up for.

That’s it!!

Now.. what about this contest..?

After the last giveaway, I got a few comments that it all happened too fast, without warning. So, here’s a 3 day heads up!

This Friday, I will be announcing the contest – the contest will be over Sunday at midnite, and the winner awarded by Monday.  OMG, why so fast? because the code is ONLY good until the 30th of June. That’ll give the winner 7 days to register.

Keep your eyes on KITHICOR.ORG for the announcement! and Good Luck!!


  • Prize is good for 2 premium, “All-Access” Passes to SOE 2014
  • Prize has no Monetary value
  • Prize does NOT include Accommodations or Travel Expenses (Hotel, Plane, Bus, Cab, etc.)
  • Prize does NOT include FOOD or Drink that is not covered by the SOE Event itself.
  • Please do NOT enter this contest if you can not go to the event.
Author: Jethal