New Maze Game Win an Iron Portcullis!


Come Play the Maze Game!

Come the NeverLeave Cemetery & Crematorium Located on Serenity-Shield east of the hub where the Old Growth meets the Tundra or look me up on the Gallery under Elquinjena. Enter the maze from the cemetery and exit through my work area.

This time around there is a twist, there are 6 chests. 5 will contain only dirt, the 6th will contain the item you must retrieve and send to me in game along with an email to Subject MAZE GAME, letting me know you have found it.

At the start of each new game I will give out a clue to the item you are seeking from one of the chests. I can tell you that the item will always be some sort of house item.

As to times when the game will run, on weekends I will shoot for AM starts in the PST time zone. Weekdays will be evenings any time after 4pm PST time zone.

The chests could be anywhere and any size, so search HIGH and LOW.  I will make these announcements here on, FB, Twitter and on the Landmark Forums.

If you enter the maze and see this:

new green

It means the game is still on, but if you enter the maze and see this:

new red

It means the maze game is not running and has not been reset yet.

I will announce winners here on, on FB, Twitter and on the Landmark Forum.

One winner per day, unless I have time for more.
Please – one winner per person, NOT per account – this way more people have a shot at winning.

Game will reset for new play when I can get into game and do so.
Make sure to check the eye color of the face in the wall.
IF the eyes are red, game has not been reset yet. IF eyes are green the game is on.
You can still enjoy the maze when the game is not running.

I will let winner know that they have won and send them code for the Iron Portcullis as soon as I am able, I do have to work and sleep some times =D

IF you tell a friend about this game please refer them to this post for rules of play.

If you make it through the maze and find the chest empty, do not be discouraged, there will be more chances to win

WARNING: Please DO NOT put items in the chest for others to find. It is just cruel to make others think they won. Thanks

Author: Elquinjena