Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas


A few weeks ago, I was tipped off to an independent film called “Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas” – Well, I got it, and here’s my take! (Spoilers, duh)

A maniacal slasher is on the loose in the normally peaceful town of Manchvegas. Will the Manchvegas Outlaw Society (M.O.S.), a spirited group of adventurous entrepreneurs, be able to solve the case? More important, will Marshall, leader of M.O.S., start dating Jenny, his cute second-in-command? –  Roxburgh, Charles

So, some of you may be asking the question, “What the hell is ManchVegas?”. That’s the nickname of Manchester New Hampshire, the city I grew up in. Why is it called ManchVegas? I have no friggin idea. So, I had to look it up.

The Urban Dictionary has the best reason I could find.. (Here)

Alternative name for the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. The word was coined by combining the first part of “Manchester” with the second word in “Las Vegas,” juxtaposing Las Vegas’s glitz and glamor with Manchester’s lack of either. Used derisively.

There, happy now? On with the review.

This is a fun, little film. Corny, silly, downright bizarre at times with a soundtrack that only the band director for West High could appreciate. I mean that with love, I graduated from West High in 1989, and Mr Maynard passed away a few years ago.. so there’s that.

A great deal of this was shot at local hang-out “Rock Rimmon” – which is a 150ft cliff on the west side of town, which overlooks a park, public pool and elementary school. My friends and I used to hang out there all the time, and there was unspoken lore of Vampires afoot! Well, this was 1987 and The Lost Boys had just come out.. we were a little obsessed. The Rock became a hang out for me again, with a new group of friends in the mid 90’s – the panoramic view from the top is something to behold. Anyways, on with the movie..

MMMinMV is a neat flick. Funny with a cast who looked like they had a lot of fun doing it. And honestly, that’s what it’s all about sometimes. If I were back in NH, i’d love to join in the fun as a player in their next work. Well done guys. This gets the Jethal Silverwing Seal of Approval.

If you’d like to see MMMinMV, here are some links!

Author: Jethal