The Legend of Kithicor


If there is one story in EverQuest that has defined my character… it is the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. The first GM World Event in EverQuest. Below, I tell the story, as Jethal would around a camp fire. If you wish to read the official lore, Click Here.

If there is one Video I would like to put together.. it would be to create a music video honoring Bloody Kithicor.. but the logistics of it would be impossible. Use of specific NPCs, ground effects may be doable.. but the appearance of Innoruuk.. without direct involvement with SOE’s team.. it’s a no go. It wouldnt be my production, it would have to be something that SOE makes possible.

Inspired by the inclusion of Jethal’s Tombstone in the heart of Kithicor’s Isle in EQ2 I performed “The Isle of Kithicor

Do do justice to the memory of Kithicor.. Today, I reworked the song I wrote 13 years ago. (holy shit, it’s been that long..). I hope you enjoy it!!

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Nurgal was a goblin slave down
in the mines of High Pass Keep
Found him a stone of power
riches and glory he throught it bring

He brought it to his mistress
a dark elf of power and might
She killed old Nurgal for this trouble
and took to darkest night

Study, Experiments, the burnning hands
the truth of the stone was found
More must be uncovered
and warriors boots marched cross the ground

Through Kithicor’s Forest to High Pass
The Teir’Dal would claim the Keep
But the Rangers Arrows ambushed their party
though our victory was short and sweet

Tyrana’s party lay in the soil
their blood stained the ground
Elves and Humans, a council was called
the Dark Elves where stirring ’round

Tephys led the forces of light
Laynis led darkness to war
The battle raged for what seemed like days
as the forest filled with a roar

Firiona Vie took up her sword
Her soul glowed with Tunares grace
To Laynis all the darkness swelled
and raged with Innoruuks Hate

Paladin soulfire struck Laynis down
victory seemed well at hand
Then Laarthik took old Nurgals Stone
and incantation begain to chant

A pillar of fire ignite in his soul
as he called out Innoruuk’s name
Firiona called for retreat
as death was soon at hand

Innoruuk stepped forth into the wood
Light or Dark all fell in death
What was to be their victory became their doom
None left in Innuruuks hand

Many years have passed since then
Travel the woods only in days light
but should the sun fall below the trees
retreat swiftly for your life

For now when the moon shines down
Animals flee to sacred paths
You can hear Soldiers screaming
You can hear the Undead Laugh..

Author: Jethal