It’s more than a Con.


For years, we have gathered as gamers, in an anual event that we’ve come to know as “FanFaire” (or more recently, SOELive). Game Conventions are nothing new, hell, they go back to 1967.

With the purchase of Sony Online Entertainment (Now “Daybreak”), one of the first cost-costing measures was our convention. I’ve been thinking about this recently, as I listened to a podcast by EQ2Talk . Much like Dellmon (host of eq2talk), this is my vacation. Also my only chance to see my gaming friends…  It hit me. I may never see some of these people again. Ever. I have made a lot of friends over the years, and they’re all over the world. The one thing we had that drew us to meet face-to-face.. is gone.

We keep in touch via Facebook, of course, but there’s really no substitute for getting together for a burger, or hanging out in the casino. Brasse, Winter, Lera, Roewane, Hud, Yarlawion, Ashlanne, Domino, Gobrin, Kaitheel, (to name a few). They live no where near me. Hell, Yarlawion is in Germany. It makes me sad that I may never see them again.

We can only hope that once the dust settles, the con will return. But, I have to say that I’m not hopeful.

Well, I went out on top, having won 1st place in the Talent Show in 2014, fulfilling my goal of singing live in front of my peers. I have that.

Author: Jethal