A Tip for WWE Divas


I’m all for #GiveDivasAChance – but, how about GiveViewersAShow?

First off, I’m not speaking as an “Armchair Champion”. I’m going to speak as a life-long fan of Wrest.. err.. Sports Entertainment.

  1. Choose a god damned alignment and stick to it.
    • One of the things I cant stand about the “Divas” division, is that there aren’t many clear cut good-girls vs bad-girls. It seems to simply depend on who the writers deem needs a “friend” for that week. The only real exceptions, lately, have been the Bella Twins (heals). The rest of you will just stab each other in the back depending on who’s popular.
    • You women switch alignments more often than the Big Show.. and I didn’t think that was possible.
  2. Learn how to follow through
    • Pulling punches is a given in WWE, but we’re not supposed to see it.
    • AJ Lee is obviously slowing down before she “bounces of the ropes”.. the belief here, is that you’re supposed to be thrown into the ropes, and bounce back off in the opposite direction – not sprinting to a rope, lightly touching it with your shoulder (the rope is way too high for that to be believable, btw) and sprint in the other direction.
    • My advice here, is to train up with the Cruiser weights, and Luchador’s. Where they lack in size, they make up for with in-ring acrobatics and using their size to their advantage.
  3. WRESTLE!!
    • Now, I admit, the in-ring abilities are improving in the last year or so.. but it still has much to be desired.
    • This isn’t the Attitude Era where you can prance around and flash your tits when the going gets rough.
    • You want to see good wrestling with female performers?  Watch G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). They had characters, personality, and ability.

Another thing that just drives me nuts, is WWE’s continuing strategy to suppress the actual female talent. Natalia Hart is the most legitimate woman on the roster, yet is constantly jobbing – and most recently, just fodder for her husband’s terrible character. If Nattie chose to do so, she could easily defeat anyone on the Diva’s roster, any night of the week. But.. she’s not being used.

Author: Jethal