Victoria and Lilly are two little girls left alone in the wilderness for five years at the ages of 5 and 1.. how could they have survived for five years, and how alone where they?

After a year of remakes, reboots and sequels, it was very refreshing to find an original story take the screen this weekend. And, this one was creepy.. Although, with most recent movies, I found the ending to have been dictating by the “We have to have a happy ending” crowd.. the story was well written, the acting was spot on (especially the kids, they where great). And “MAMA” was probably the most uncomfortable apparition I’ve ever seen.

Here, Guillermo del Toro (Executive Producer), presents us with the short film that inspired the feature.

Intense, right?

Who is MAMA? A spirit of the forest, come to protect the children? A figment of the girls imagination? A dissociative personality to help cope with their situation?

Author: Jethal