Mixed Nuts


Philip runs a crisis hotline with Catherine and Mrs Munchnik. That’s the easy part, now it gets tricky… Stanley loves evicting people and he evicts Philip. Philip loves helping people and he is loved by Catherine. Catherine is loved by Louie who loves writing songs. Chris loves dancing to songs and loves to wear large dresses. Gracie also loves to wear large dresses because she’s pregnant. She loves the baby’s father, Felix, who loves to paint. That just leaves Mrs. Munchnik who hasn’t been loved by anybody in a very long time.

Mixed Nuts is one of the most under-rated Christmas Movies.. I loved it. A (mostly) all-star cast. It’s funny, it’s cooky, it’s just fun. And where else are you going to see Liev Schreiber (saber-tooth from X-Men origins: Wolverine) in women’s clothes?

Steve Martin is always a brilliant comedic actor, Madeline Kahn is wonderful. I really don’t like Adam Sandler in any role he has.. because he’s always the same character with a different name, but for some reason he fits right in with this cast of nuts.

Author: Jethal