Cockney’s v Zombies


A small gang from the east end of London, desperate to save their Grand dad’s retirement home, resort to robbing a bank. Everything goes (relatively) smooth until they make their big escape; leaving the bank expecting to find the police.. they discover that a Zombie outbreak has taken their corner of the city. Now, it’s off to save Grand dad (don’t call him that) and his companions and get to the docks to the safety of the water.

This was hilarious.

I would definitely rate this right up with “Shaun of the Dead”. The comedy is just spot on. The effects were better than most “SyFy” TV Movies. The acting was very good – on that note, I should point out that IMDB says that some of the people who had speaking parts, had been extras on Dr Who in recent years.

Make sure to be on the look out for the greatest “Old man with a walker -vs- Slow moving Zombie” Race in history!


Author: Jethal