The Last Days on Mars


While exploring the Martian surface, a group of astronauts discover bacterial life on the red planet. Unfortunately for them, it’s discovered them.

First off, I want to state that this movie was great, as far as these types of movies go. The acting was superb – as well it should have been. The director gathered up a cast or more serious actors, that normally don’t do Sci-Fi. This made the movie more believable, in a way that I wish more movies would. Because good or bad, acting and directing make or break a movie.

Now, what did I mean by “movies of this type”? Bacteria turning people in to killers, zombies, what ever you want to call them.. The bacteria they find, reanimates the dead body and turns its victims into murder machines. Although from a Horror standpoint, it works.. I’ve always found a lack of believably in this sort of thing. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy a good Zombie movie as much as the next guy – but finding an odd bacteria.. on Mars, of all places.. that would reanimate humans? Just doesn’t seem likely.

That story point aside, I really did enjoy this movie and would recommend it to my friends.

Author: Jethal