Dont be afraid of the Dark


This is the movie that started it all.. for me.. The very first Horror Movie I ever saw.

Sally and Alex Farnham move into an old house. After opening the furnace ash bin door (against the pleading of the caretaker) Sally unwittingly releases the house’s other inhabitants. Strange, furry little creatures who cannot stand the light of day. What they want, is her.. and they’ll do anything to get her.

Though kind of tame by today’s standards, “Don’t be afraid of the dark” still mostly holds up as a story that would make you uneasy, in the dark, on a stormy night. Guillermo del Toro‘s 2010 remake was very good, but I still prefer the original. And I honestly still find myself turning on the lights before descending our stairs, and yes, it’s because of the impact this movie had on me all those years ago.


Author: Jethal