Four medical students put their own lives on the line to explore “Near Death Experience”. Reliving past trama and sins, they soon learn that sometimes, you don’t come back alone.

The recent movie “The Lazarus Effect” was highly influenced by this story.

A who’s who of 80/90’s young actors fill the cast with great performances.

The moral of the story is true.. “Everything we do, matters”. And of karma has anything to do with it, we will get what we have coming to us, if not now.. then after. This is one of the first movies to have an anti-bullying theme, and as a bullied kid, myself, I couldn’t be happier as the apparitions from the past take their revenge.

For those of you who only know Kiefer Sutherland from “24”, you’re in for a treat with a classically intense performance. Oliver Platt, Pre-Pretty Woman Julia Roberts and a young Kevin Bacon give their all in convincing and enticing roles.

Author: Jethal