When private investigator, Tom Welles, is hired to investigate the validity of a “snuff film”, he dives head first into the disturbing world of pornography’s underbelly.

Now, we’re talking about a snuff film, so we’re not looking at California’s high end (or even low end) studios.. before the internet made porn a common thing done in well lit hotel rooms.. This movie has us looking into a gritty, slimy, filthy, world of low end, bottom of the barrel, highly illegal activities. The worst of the worst.

Because of these facts, I can not recommend this film for everyone. It’s dark, depressing and may just shake your faith in humanity.. and not just because of Nicholas Cage’s acting.. Don’t get me wrong, I think in the right film, Nic’s your guy.. but not portraying a  family man.

All and all, the story is intriguing. Fairly well acted, but I think that’s more due to the director doing his job (Schumacher is good). Watch it if you can.. but probably not more than once.

Author: Jethal