The world at peace.. No more war. Would seem like a dream, wouldn’t it?

Actually it’s the nightmarish reality of a world going bone dry.. We have more important things to worry about now. Water. Food.

These are the realities of Earth in the movie “Interstellar”.

A small team of astronauts are called upon to leave the Earth in a mission to find us a new home. Cooper, turned farmer, reluctantly leaves his daughter behind to lead the expedition. The plan? Well, there are two actually..

  1. Travel through a wormhole, which opened 48 years earlier, find a suitable planet while the scientists on Earth solve the problem of getting enough humans off the planet, with enough of a diverse genetic material, to repopulate the species.
  2. Travel through that wormhole.. Begin a re-population initiative with DNA collected from around the world. And call Earth, and all of its inhabitants, a loss.

From a realism point of view.. Option 2 is feasible, while Option 1 is not… But, this is a Hollywood drama, so of course everyone, except the resident smart guy, is fighting for option 1.

The reason I gave this movie a “3” and not a “4” in Story, is because of the continuing bleeding-heart drama that I’ll call “Not without my daughter”. Let me explain. (These examples may not have anything to do with this movie)

  • Times are bad, everyone is gonna die.. the only person available is a man/woman with a kid. “No, I can’t save everyone.. I can’t leave my family!”
  • Everything is going to hell in a hand-basket – the child is to blame, he/she is evil – “No, you cant kill it.. it’s JUST a child!” (everyone dies)

The other reason for the lower Story score, is the ending… It’s confusing. Confusing enough that – Everyone’s favorite Smart Guy “Neil DeGrasse Tyson” (who gave Interstellar a 8-1/2 out of 10 for believably and realism) actually took to twitter and Youtube to explain it. So, ok – it’s artistic rendering of “time” itself.. perhaps a little too complicated to actually visualize, and for the average audience.

So, definitely worth seeing and owning on blu-ray (or dvd, but blu-ray would make those nice effects look better)

Author: Jethal